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Dear Gamers,
Sorry if you've already seen / played this and aren't interested.

I'd like to show you LIMBO that's on Steam / HumbleBundle...
I had the enjoyment of trying this title out for a good 30-40 mins last night and, for a game with no colour, no 3 dimensional models, no resolution settings; it's a real charmer of a game.

Puzzler, thriller, horror inciting piece of art.
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I have it, but the boxed version has just come out/coming out and I want that too ^_^
+George Stanley I only picked it up as saw it on the Steam Summer Sale... I'd not seen it before then. Hence the second line of my post ;-) 
Yep good game, got to a point though where I got stuck, minecart and electrified rail. Not played it since as have been distracted by all of the other great games at the moment. Need to get back to it and finish it.
Yeah, that puzzle had me stuck for a while.  Had to put it down and come back few weeks later with fresh eyes. Then I got it pretty quickly.
+1 for it is an old game.

Considered buying it when it first came to Steam, but I didnt like the horror themes in its trailer back then... could give it a 2nd chance :)

(BTW it was always cheap, for it is indie. Summer Sale is relevant only for its visibility)
+Berke Sokhan agreed; I only noticed it in the sale; Humble bundle has / had it too... 

I hate spiders; the first 30 minutes i spend in fear of more and more of them.

There were several "Eeeuuurrgghh no f**king way" moments too...
BTW2 :)

xkcd comics, fits my case, I bought and start playing Borderlands recently (from Steam discount of course for $4) :))
Nice that was a steal, Borderlands is an awesome game.
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