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Andy Reeves
Gamer, Developer, Madman.
Gamer, Developer, Madman.
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Why do the English think that Americans all sound whiney?
Because the conversion means their TV shows are shown in a much higher pitch in the UK

Thanks google plus for ruining the interface on iOS and giving me much less room to see my feeds with.
Thanks for removing my return button unless I go to numbers.
Do me a favour and piss off. Thanks. 

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Bonnie and Clyde share their new kitty tower
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+Ford UK
I took this photo from a Ford Mondeo @ Cheltenham last year from a showroom.
As you can see it had heated seat buttons in the back; something that's apparently not on offer?!
How can I get these. I want a Mondeo with heated rear seats!

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+Ford UK +Ford Motor Company
I don't mean to alarm you, but I just picked up a brochure for the Ford Mondeo and the fuel performance figures are wrong
The maths doesn't add up.
The figures are bad.
1.5 ecoboost; you have combined cycle figures for manual at 48.7 MPG 5.8L/100k
But the automatic you have at 48.8 MPG and 6.3L/100k !!!!!
How can it both consume more and less fuel at the same time.
I think you'll find that 6.3L/100km is actually 44.8 not 48.8 mpg
misleading people into thinking automatic transmission is efficient?
maybe just a typo

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I've just seen +BBC News coverage of Loebner Prize.
I'm sure I'm missing something. Why?
Because the winning AI wouldn't fool a 6 year old and wouldn't engage in any line of conversation other than ones it was pushing, and even then failed to grasp the reality of the replies.
I must have missed something. 

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