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Andy Ramirez
Andy Ramirez: Survivor • Host of #AndyRamirezShow • Podcaster • Speaker • Journalist • Certified Expert on DHS • Daddy of 2 • #FaithOvercomesFear
Andy Ramirez: Survivor • Host of #AndyRamirezShow • Podcaster • Speaker • Journalist • Certified Expert on DHS • Daddy of 2 • #FaithOvercomesFear

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Regardless of enforcement, until DACA & DAPA are eliminated, it's amnesty. Heard & lived too many things not to remain vigilant. Been there, lived that.

Friends... the USBP & border is not an overnight fix after David Aguilar's #DecadeOfDestructionTour - It's a long-term overhaul. #BPGreen 

Apparently neither the administration nor the judge in Hawai'i has heard of US vs Verdugo-Urquidez, 1990, Majority Opinion written by the late Chief Justice William Rehnquist.

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Love @ChrisEvans as Steve Rogers. But he is an actor portraying a fictional character, stick to that, not politics.

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Addressing the border with a former USBP Agent & Sierra Vista AZ Councilman in my exclusive report & interview...

Where is the bill from Congress where the targeting and murder of any first responder is a capital offense/special circumstances crime???? How many more have to be assassinated until something is done about this nightmare and scourge upon our land??? #iStandWithCops

Screw the Oscars. From Red Carpets, to jewels, gowns, etc., it's spoiled, narcissists, & socialists galore. Put that $$$$$ into our Vets 1st

I've never been 2 CPAC & I don't mind at all. Heard enough BS from pols & pundits over the last 25 years. It's not a photo-op I want or need

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In this video, ICE' Thomas Homan lies nonstop 2 Congress. ICE transported illegal aliens to Det from Texas. Homan, who perjured himself and obstructed Congress on 6/27/13 under Obama's orders now heads up ICE... Call the White House and have President Trump #FireThomasHoman

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Today is the 37th anniversary of the greatest upset in sports... USA 4 - USSR 3... 1980 Winter Olympics, Lake Placid, NY. #MiracleOnIce
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