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Google+ is about to die, according to +TechCrunch h

What a load of rubbish ... 
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All I read through that article was "we've heard" this, and "we've heard" that. And where does "when you fire the top dog" come from? The article screams of link-bait.
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You'd think it would be safe for me to leave my iPhone charger plugged into my computer at work, right?

Well, you'd be wrong, because some bugger has stolen in. There is, however, a security camera pointing at my desk so, once I've checked at home just incase I took it home, I'll be kicking some balls ... 

My revenge will put some of George R.R. Martin's finest moments to shame.
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Oh deary me 
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Andy Nicolaides

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The excellent, and infinitely useful IFTTT now has an Android app.

One for you +Andrew Prockter.
If you use Android, then download this app. That's the recipe popular automation service IFTTT, or If This Then That, hopes you will follow as it debuts its software on the Google Play Store for An...
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You might find the Web version of ifttt easier to use when starting out +Andy Burne
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So far, I've visited a big fat zero of these locations.

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4 - Monument Valley, Provence, Moraine Lake and Venice :-)
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Andy Nicolaides

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You're more powerful than you think ... 
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Suggest someone to follow

My G+ stream has become a little dull of late, and I've found myself skimming a lot, but not really engaging. Part of this could be because I've not been posting anything decent myself, but let's ignore that for now ...

In an effort to breath a little life into my stream I wanted to see if you guys can suggest some interesting people to follow. They don't have to share any particular content type, they just need to be interesting / nice in one way or another.

So, in a FollowFriday kind of way, who should I follow? The first person to just post 'follow me' or 'me' gets a virtual slap. The 10th gets a physical slap and beyond that ... You just don't want to know!
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That's a very good point +Happening London, I'll do that!
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Andy Nicolaides

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Google+ loses it's leader, +Vic Gundotra.

I met him once, and he was a very charming, smart guy.

Good luck for the future +Vic Gundotra!

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Andy Nicolaides

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I think if I stood still long enough, Facebook might even acquire me!.

They've now picked up the Moves app and team, to jump into the Fitness market that no one seems to care about, but every tech company wants to be part of.
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Very fair point +Andrew Prockter!
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Andy Nicolaides

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It's a shame that the fact this kind man was also a Muslim has to be part of this story.

Does that really matter? It's one human being being kind and caring to another human being. His religion, or lack thereof, shouldn't even be a point.
Selfless Muslim Man Gives Barefoot Bus Passenger His Shoes Saying 'I Live Close, I Can Walk' (PICTURE)

By +Sara Nelson 

Touching photographs of stranger’s act of kindness to a shoeless man have gone viral.

The images were taken by off-duty bus driver Surjit Singh Virk in British Colombia, Canada.

Virk had noticed a man on the same bus as him wearing plastic hairnets on his feet in lieu of shoes on a rainy Saturday.
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Yes, I agree +Ryan Prince, unfortunately. It's sad that a Muslim, or anyone, doing something positive is perceived as being so rare it's newsworthy.
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It's amazing what a difference some editing can do.

The two images here are the same photo, edited in VSCOCam. One looks pretty eerie and creepy, the other pretty pleasant!

#vsco #vscocam
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I miss living in the country. I'm in an urban jungle where I live. I always ride through the National Mall on my way to work though. 
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