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Next up: The top 10 botanical pickup lines. Suggestions welcome.

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The best reason to treat yourself to a mocha frappuccino this week? Get a free copy of the lovely new Best in Travel 2012 from Lonely Planet as the iTunes Pick of the Week (no frappuccino required).
Are you going to Starbucks (in the U.S.) this week? Get Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2012 ebook from the iBookstore for free. Redemption code from Starbucks’ and iTunes’ “Pick of the Week” cards.

+David Hobstetter You know what else I love about The Mentalist other than his hair? Wait, is this public?

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The winner receives $1000 in exchange for lifelong ridicule. Runners-up just get the ridicule.

Not sure Friday afternoon is the best time to try to learn something new, especially something shiny and fun looking that probably only wants me for my personal details.
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