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Juggler, Unicyclist, all round geek.
Juggler, Unicyclist, all round geek.

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I'm tempted by this one. I live the theme and I really like the artwork. The game looks good itself but there are many red flags for me;
-Lack of communication (when they do communicate they ignore any reservations people have)
-Lack of a playthrough video The only video review they have openly admits they think they got the rules wrong
-Very short date for delivery especially since the game looks unfinished and the amount of stretch goals they have.

Someone convince me one way or the other

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I've been helping to playtest and design a cool little care game called cauldron master and it just went live today in Kickstarter.

It's a fun set collection game with deduction and hidden hidden elements. We've really liked it since the first time we played it and its only improved since. Fairly similar to sushi go on many ways

You choose what player you are in order to select cards from a common pool. You then need to get sets of ingredients in order to make potions and score points!

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My new gaming table turned up. I had it made by a local carpenter completely, custom by Freebird Furniture in Sheffield.
He's done such a great job and nothing has been too hard or too much for him to do. This is his prototype, but you can't see really tell the difference between this and a geeknson table!
It features 6 open cup holders on a simple but well engineered rim around the edge that screw in to give you a fully 360 degree option. He also made a couple of test pieces such as the divider for when I only want to use part of the table and a player board holder.
I'll post some more pictures once we've actually got some chairs and give a longer term review, but we've been really happy with it far.
Price wise, it was about £2000
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Escape from colditz anniversary edition - is it worth it, I like the theme and the mechanics look good, but his does it good up against modern games? Should I grab it? 

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So, I bought my secret santa gift a few days ago and then forgot about it, turns out the item went out of stock. So I've cancelled and re-ordered something else from their list.

In other news I beat my wife at 7 Wonders Duel twice in one day - I've now beaten her with all three methods but all three have been close

Secret Santa gift is on it's way!

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This was on Board game Breakfast the other week so thought I'd give it a watch - I loved it and hope they make some more, well produced, well written and great story we can all relate to! Give it a watch it's only half hour long and totally worth it!

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And so it begins! Not my work unfortunatley but it's on its way now! 

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Evening all from your NFL Fans moderator - a favour to ask

I posted a week or so ago about the change of ownership, annoyingly the person that used to own this community is no longer contactable and doesn't use G+ anymore. In order for me to run the community efficiently, we need to have an owner for this community and as I've been running it for most of the communities existence so I'd like to take over. In order to do this I need your help and your endorsement Follow the instuctions below to endorse me to take over so I can continue to run this community.

Community change of ownership endorsement 8-9186000013257

Click on this link and click on endorse for me, you will need to reference number (8-9186000013257)

You'll need to add my profile link (
And the community page (

Thanks in advance
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