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Andy McDowell
Riff-raff, always good for a laugh. Ha ha ha
Riff-raff, always good for a laugh. Ha ha ha

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Well, that was an exciting deadline day. Interesting to see how we line up, what our tactics will be and how we will fare in coming weeks 

Can't beat that "we just beat the Jambos" feeling!  :D

Just clocked the highlights of the Ross Co game. Big John, Big Bad John. 'Nuff said. Big fella looks like he is enjoying his fitba again. Certainly, between him and Anier, there has been no Higdon Hangover

Cracking win today.  Delighted we put a normally stuffy side to the sword.  Feels like we are slowly starting to approach last season's consistency.  Hopefully we can steer clear of the injury bug

Chick Young - sensationalist twat? Discuss.

Is this new boy Ainsworth the answer?

Out with barely a whimper.  Dreadful tactics, dreadful.  Wasn't very impressed with the Russians at all, especially in the final third where they looked terrible.

Maybe next year?

Team for Hibs - will Anier get his league debut or will McHugh have first shot at playing up top with Sutton?  Hollis to continue as goalie?

The Russians - talk about the great unknown! Not only do we know nothing about them, I'm not sure we even know about us!! Hard to say how we will set up, how we will play or even what goalie will be between the sticks

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Thunderstorm rolling in over Morton Arboretum, Illinois giant ant exhibit...

Moto RAZR / Snapseed/ drama/ tone/ old lens vignette
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