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Andy Martin
Burnin up in the desert, writing about tech, geek stuff, being a Dad, writing music, and other stuff
Burnin up in the desert, writing about tech, geek stuff, being a Dad, writing music, and other stuff

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Just sayin...

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So, I've decided to kick off a blog again. This will be more of a personal blog than the old tech blog I used to run or when I wrote for GeekBeat, but it will be a good way to keep people up to date on me and what's happening out here.

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Just watched "Last Week Tonight" with John Oliver, and loved the #marlboro  segment. Here's Jeff!!   #jeffwecan  

So, I'm writing music again :). Nothing to big or fancy, but a friend is launching a podcast soon and needed intro/outro music bed. I whipped up something pretty quick in Logic, shared the idea to him and his team over Soundcloud, and it's approved! Just have to record it for realzies now, since this was just a rough cut to demo the song idea. Feels nice to create again, and to have people like what I threw together in about an hour. This might be the start of a lot of fun.

It's really interesting to see the difference in news story titles around this Netanyahu controversy. I'm not speaking for one side or the other around this whole dust-up, but you could do a whole semester of journalism school or media studies about how the news media today simply wants to spin a story to get you to feel what they want you to feel and drive page views. I mean, look at some of these differences, just in the headlines that are doing everything they can to get you to click through so they can get the page views:
NBC: "Upcoming Congressional Speech Backfires on Bohner, Netanyahu"
Fox News: "Netanyahu Speech: How Far Will Democrats Go To Save Obama's Pride?"
PoliticsUSA: "Democrats In Full Revolt as Republican Netanyahu Speech Scheme Totally Backfires"
Get the idea? The true facts aren't as one-sided as any side wants you to believe. Is Bohner out of line inviting another head of state to speak in front of Congress without Executive Office approval? Yes. Treasonous? Probably not. Dick-move? Pretty much. Are the Democrats over dramatizing it to make a point? Sure. Does everyone on Capitol Hill act as if the have the maturity of your average Junior High student? Absolutely. Is the media helping us as citizens to stay informed? Absolutely not.
Of all those 4 examples (simply chosen from "related articles" that were suggested by Facebook), only the NBC one sounds remotely like news. "Backfires" could still be subjective, but the speech certainly isn't going the way Bohner had expected so it could be an accurate statement. Fox News? That's pure opinion in that "news" story, and speculates on the President's feelings using the standard implications of elitism. PoliticsUSA? No, the Democrats aren't in "full revolt" and the "scheme" didn't "totally" backfire. And gotta love the patriots at America's Freedom Fighters, who immediately think anyone who doesn't think like they do is a "COMMIE DEMOCRAT!!!".
This, my friends, is the state of media today. Navigate carefully, and read the subtext that they are trying to sell you. Too many are much too quick to buy it, no matter what side you lean on there's a news "product" out there aimed at you and it's no better for your mind than McDonald's is for your belly. #media   #foxnews   #nbcnews   #netanyahu   #boehner   #obama  

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NAMM might have been last week, but Google+ is suddenly deciding now is the time to auto-awesome all my stuff from there. That being said, this is kind of a neat compilation :). #NAMM2015

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First half-day at NAMM 2015 in Anaheim this year. I've got tons more pictures I have to add to this, this is just Google+ automatic "story" :) #NAMM2015

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Had the privilege of going to NAMM 2015 this year. Some pictures from Friday's walking around. #NAMM2015

Who's got two thumbs and is headed to NAMM again next month?

👈 this guy 👍👍


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