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Sailors ought never to go to church.
They ought to go to hell, where it is much more comfortable.

HG Wells

Church Rock, Pembrokeshire.

A colour version from an earlier shoot.
It's kinda #minimalmonday and #moodymonday material. | +Olivier Du Tré | +Philip Daly
#plusphotoextract | +Jarek Klimek
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Beautiful +Andy Lee , the very definition of moody! I'm fascinated by that seemingly precarious formation on the small island.
+William Mazdra thank you so much William, I've long been a big fan of your work, appreciate you dropping by and commenting!
+Steve Hambley thanks my friend! It's a wonderful place to photograph. Looking back through historical images of the area the formation hasn't really changed for years.
+Olivier Du Tré cheers Olivier! I remember you liking a black and white diptych of a similar image - thought i'd best serve you just the one this time. Sometime less is more right? :)
+Laurie ONeil thanks so much my dear! I'm geting there! I will email you later to catch up and let you know my gossip... More importantly... How are you?
This is really sweet, I think it would make a great album cover :)
really wonderful. I like especially the colors, the soft tones and the one strong accent where the rocks rest..; in somma; perfect !
Feels like I'm listening to music , so peaceful !
+Subra Govinda thank you my friend. It was very peaceful shooting, not a soul around.
+Dani Andersen Is that a good thing? :) Hope you noticed the previous post with the Cash lyrics? Influenced by your good self :)
+Dani Andersen haha - I'd assumed you did...You are a woman after all :))
Yeah, it all makes perfect sense my dear! Thank you again, maybe next time i'll make the dedication more obvious for all the folk who are not ladies :))
Congratulations again my friend this image was chosen as one of the 13 TOP Google+ Photographs for April 23 by Photoextract.
+Steve Hambley Yay :)) Always makes me smile like a child..or dance like a buffoon :)
love the muted colours and the patterns in the foreground sands
Whoa... very very nice & love the mood very much Andy! :)
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