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please replace the handset and try again

A bit of a fun experiment, same scene, few lenses and a bunch of filters.

not too sure if it's #minimalmonday material but what the h*ll... +Olivier Du Tré
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Good experience ! I like it
Really like it, simple but peaceful and charming... would not mind being there ;-)
that's really creative. spectacular!
Love it Andy, a brilliant image !!

ps.. hope you repaired the roof before you left :))
I loved the B/W version but this one is wonderful as well... The colours add to the dreamy mood.
Nice..... :) +Andy Lee tried you earlier - beeep...nae signal. Bell you about 9?
+Dave Tickell Cheers mate, they have actually fixed the roof, on sale for 25k, not sure if anyone will by it as it overlooks the oil refinery :)
+John G Moore you've worked out this shot was for you then fella :) - Give me a bell in a bit.
Beautiful Andy Lee... so peaceful place... love this little house and the clouds, just perfect.
fantastic shot: the object, light, colors....and much much more, which I can't explain :-)
I love the smudged sky
What does the building say? Who lives there? Super lovely.
+Layla Kuyper It says Telephone Exchange :) Think it was used as an earlier warning exchange for the war, but was used still in use right up to the 70's, been fixed up within the last few months by the telephone company Very badly I must add. It's for sale for 25k! Overlooks the oil refinery, a steal!
Friggin' bargain! I'd go for it. Sell it off when the economy picks up.. wooo
+Layla Kuyper haha, you'd be luck to get a chair and a table in there :) - Couldn't swing a cat thats for sure, or enough room for your hat collection!
I have no need for these modern comforts. I'm a nihilist :D
Thanks Andy Lee... I didn't know you speak this language... or more?
Andy Lee: so you are cheating... with google it's OK I do that sometimes with Spanish... I speak Turkish, German and English... that's all...
I'm going to bed soon Andy Lee, was up last night and didn't get enough sleep... Good Night and keep up the good work, tomorrow will be checking the new pics... love your work.
I think your great title steals the thunder from a lovely image :)
Love the rendition you created here
Wow, you're rocking this particularly identifiable style +Andy Lee, Love it!!
+Andy Lee Love it! And congrats on the Photoextract inclusion!
Wow! Congratulations +Andy Lee on your photograph making it into the "10 TOP Google+ Photographs for March 12"- well deserved my friend!
Brilliant composition and fantastic image, Andy!! Congratulations!!
Beautiful shot! Love the blur, lighting, and overall mood. Congrats on PhotoExtract! :)
Yeah, I saw this in the Photo Extract! Way to be awesome, as usual! :D
+Andy Lee Congratulations Andy, really enjoyed this shot. Made me feel like I had time travelled to 1942 ...
fantastic work on this.wonderful shot
+Steve Hambley thank you so much Steve! Always turns me into a little kid seeing my picture there! :)
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