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LG G5 to HDMI out : Need to do this quite urgently. Can anyone point me in the direction of a cable from Amazon that they know for sure will do this? Thanks VV much all!

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I did a little portable, cheap, MP3 player shoot-out.

Reviewed : Victure M3 and Sandisk Clip Sport Plus. Sandisk wins! - A great, small MP3 player with a nice little screen and very lightweight. Perfect for running with.

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This folding double USB charger is on offer at Amazon right now. I got mine this AM and it is really a nice piece of kit. £3.99.

Two charging ports. Folds flat. Great for your luggage and not too heavy.

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This folding double USB charger is on offer at Amazon right now. I got mine this AM and it is really a nice piece of kit. £3.99.

Two charging ports. Folds flat. Great for your luggage and not too heavy.

Help on car audio please!

Any help much appreciated. I have to change my car soon.. I will most likely move to a new Hyundai i10.

At the moment my regime for in car entertainment is to play podcasts that I have stored as an MP3 on a CD. The new Hyundai has no CD slot!!! So - I am trying to figure out what to do. I cannot use the USB socket in the car to play podcasts because I always use that for a 32GB thumb drive with all my music on. I cannot swap two thumb drives in and out as needed because that loses my place in the podcast and it is v annoying to try and find it!

So I am considering using the Bluetooth audio in the car to play podcasts. This would probably be fine but there are still some issues. Here is my exact requirement : When I get into the car and turn the key the phone automatically connects to bluetooth. Then my specified application launches (Doggcatcher) and starts to play a podcast. My phone stays in my bag. Not on the dashboard. In addition - Let's say I have been in the car, in silence, for an hour. Phone in bag. Then I decide I want to listen to a podcast. When I switch to BT audio input the correct application still must be focussed and be able to be instructed to play over BT.

Is the above possible? I have a feeling it is all too hit and miss. Your comments and help appreciated!

Bluetooth headphones - another fail situation.

So today I was chilling with my son at a local coffee shop. My conversation is pretty dull and I mostly bore with the best of them. So before long he says "can we watch some Netflix on your phone". I said it was fine and we loaded up Netflix on my phone. Then we get to the sound issue : it's a noisy environment so we need to wear headphones. I have only one pair with me. Wired in ear buds made by Sony. They worked perfectly. Nice long cable to the phone. I had one bud in my ear, my son had one bud in his ear.

For me this is yet another example of where wired headphones win. I will accept that we could have used an earpod each (although I don't own any). But very many bluetooth buds have such a short cable connecting them that we couldn't have shared.

All of the above is before we talk about the sound delay on many bluetooth headphones.

Summary - wired headphones have an important role. Let's keep the socket!

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I want to give a shout out for this speaker. For the money it is UNBEATABLE. The best part is NFC. Allows me and my wife to connect/disconnect with no hassle , so we can share the speaker really effectively. Nice and loud and £16 on Amazon (wrong picture shown below though).

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Pass Through Chargers -

I need to buy a high capacity pass-through charger for use in a motorhome. It will be used to permanently power a phone that sits in there and will provide a wifi hotspot. Anyone got experience using one of these? Can you give a recommendation? Ta.

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Sharing my video review of some newly released headphones..
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