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Good grief, our entertainers are being culled

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And another one bites the dust :(

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Anybody like Possessed A-Bombs?
More specifically Possessed A-Bomb explosions and lots of dying?

justinman114 of the BSN forum put together this little collection 😃

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Hope it's correct.
Hope they got the piece of shit.

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Hope it doesn't come to this, but the 5.1(.1)* update has really bolloxed up my mobile data connection.
Have tried repair phone option from PC companion.
Build no. is now 23.4.A.0.580.
Hasn't fixed it.
Easiest way of downgrading to 5.1?

Pretty sure it was the .1 that did it.
I'll go back to 5.0 if I have to until they get this fixed.
Not impressed at all 😠

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Not sure if stupid cat, or lucky squirrel.
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