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Andy James
Health enthusiast, fitness nut, SEO perfectionist.
Health enthusiast, fitness nut, SEO perfectionist.

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Relationship break ups and sorting out who has our daughter, and when sure takes a toll on your energy levels. Talk about stressful. But life is looking so much more grand now I've taken the plunge to be a single dad.

But one thing is amiss.

I have just realized that I have been with my krill oil for almost a month and hadn't noticed.

This is a crime that must be solved. Well, kind of - a quick visit to the online store and 'hey presto'.

My joints have been really aching, and after a weights workout - OH MY..!! The pain has been unbearable.

Hence, I am looking forward receiving my krill oil in the post..!!

I have to say that I'm missing my magnesium oil rubs every day! I haven't used magnesium oil for about a month, and i'm starting to get achy joints and muscle aches like never before.

I'm heading to the health shop tomorrow!!!

Is it me or does this 'weight control' get harder and harder for the normal person, as we get older..? I still have the same passion for weight training and fitness, but I think it's the time I spend sitting at my desk these days that is killing it for me!

I used to be on my feet from 8am til sometimes 2am the following morning, working 2 jobs...not 100% on my feet, but a good proportion of it any way. 

But now, I'm stat at my desk for up to 10 hours a day. I workout for about 2 hours every day and I take a couple of 15-20 minute walks as well. But it seems that is still not enough to keep me 'trim'. I'm going to have a re-think.

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Everything you need to know about krill oil and gout.

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Everything you need to know about krill oil V's heart disease, including high blood pressure.

Woke up this morning with incredible back ache. I'm resisting taking ibuprofen for now, but i'm not sure how much longer I can stand the discomfort. Think I slept awkward. Heading to the pharmacy to get heat patches.

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Everything you need to know about the highest quality omega-3 EFA.

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A Giant, who is missed from this world.
How many + for this photo??? "LEGENDS"

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Definitely worth a read.

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Does HIIT do it for you?
HIIT : High Intensity Interval Training

Long gone are the days when working hard was deemed as a desirable virtue. The schedules of today call out for smart work. Why not stop killing ourselves by training more and devoting the time saved, to our families? And in your journey, let HIIT be your vehicle of choice.
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