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You all have built a really interesting app that breaks from the typical linear listening experience. I like that the UI is extremely minimal and just jumps right in, but I know that many have requested additional features to fill out every use case or need, which is kind of against the spirit of the thing. 

I would like to suggest instead a small amount of control for a more long-term benefit: use a complementary control to the "interesting" toggle, noting when you find a piece not relevant or just not interesting. You essentially get a "hot or not" voting control, giving you a window into the user's preferences. Over time, this would help to build a preference engine to serve up new stories more likely to get voted "interesting" to the listener.

Don't get me wrong, I still like getting the hourly news and top stories at the beginning of a listening session, but once I get past this, I often find myself dropping off because I don't want to sit and shuffle through new stories until I find something I want to listen to.

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A small item: the hourly newscasts are all posted in EST, even though they are broadcast to my area when available at PST.

Maybe localize the time, or just remove altogether?
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