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Here is a rarely seen photo of Steve Jobs and myself that was taken in June 1981. The reason that we're dressed so formally is that we were ushers at Steve Wozniak's wedding to Candi Clark, who emailed me the photo earlier today. Maybe it helped inspire Steve's bow-tie phase a couple of years later; I'm pretty sure that I've never worn one since.
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And Siri is the Knowledge Navigator sans bowtie altogether. :)
+Andy Hertzfeld if Steve Jobs touch our lives, who have not even met him face to face, so much - I am sure he touched yours even in a bigger way ... Steve Jobs death is a great loss, but his life was gain! Thinking of you, all his friends and family - you are in my prayers
+Andy Hertzfeld I'd like to believe that Steve Jobs' bowtie phase would have been based on Doctor Who. Seems cooler somehow.
That is a great photo Andy. Thank you for sharing it with us!
Steve looks very John Lennon-ish.
The best thing about momentous occasions is it gives people a chance to look at history, not just what's happening in the moment.
Sweet memories like this help soothe sad moments like now. With a smile and a tear.

Thank you for sharing this with us. 
Wow, that is so cool. Were the pair of you wearing bell bottoms as well? What a great memory - you are so lucky. :)
It is really sad that he passed away.
You guys look way overdressed. lol
Vic P
how tall is steve jobs?
The world is really going to miss Steve Jobs. May he rest in peace!
The "bow tie phase" is my favorite mental image of Steve!
I also just saw you on Titans. It's great to be able to find you here as well.
nice, thanks for sharing
Nice suit. Did you have your BMW series 3 at this time ?
Nice. It seems like looking at old pictures of a friend. Thanks for sharing Andy.
That is just an awesome picture Andy... I'm sorry you lost your friend.
You both look great.Sorry about Steve . You should wear a suit and ruffles more often !! Mom (Gladys Hertzfeld)
Looking forward to reading more of the personal stories that will come out about Steve Jobs now. I hope we get to know more about his human side. People get built up too much as super humans and idols. Thanks again for sharing something personal.
Cool suits for back in the day. Looks like the Be Gees:) Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive [Version 1] (Video) It is good to embrace the good times of this magic man. He changed the game with a simple word Apple but not so simple vision. One word.. IMPACT, Ok two CHANGE. Also, note the appropriate song Staying Alive, his dreams will ............
I envy you, Andy, that you had a chance to be Steve Job's friend. I kind of feel like he was my friend too, though I never met him or knew him in person... But, I guess we all connected to him every time we use our Mac, or iPod...
Steve Jobs is not something - he is SOMEONE - And not just someone, he is absolutely someone GREAT regardless of opinions of others.:-) He is a Genius - one of very few people that come to this world to change it, to improve it, to make it better for all of us - you, Abdille, included, so.. a little respect is a very least that is due. Peace!
reading & listening to SJ Bio....SJ and you are my heros!
I'm in the middle of Steve Job's bio by Walter Isaacson. You, +Andy Hertzfeld, come across as a talented professional and more than that, as a very decent human being. I'm glad to have you in my circles. :)
They are vices just arrived from Florida
How did he go from this to turtleneck?
A new angle on both of you. This should have been in the book. Hope it's in yours.
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