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It's great that the user experience of Google Plus is being so well received, and I'm happy about all the positive feedback that's been coming my way, but I'm worried that I'm getting too much credit for it, so this long-winded post is an attempt to set the record straight.

I am indeed the main individual behind the interaction design and implementation of the circle editor. I conceived, designed and implemented a compelling prototype for it almost single-handedly, and then wrote a fair percentage of the production javascript code with lots of help from my friends. I also worked on a couple of other parts of the product a little bit, but that's pretty much as far as it goes.

Steven Levy's excellent Wired article got the story right - I wrote the circle editor and then recently widened my focus to the overall Google Plus user experience. But subsequent stories jumped to the conclusion that I was responsible for the design of the entire product that we launched on Tuesday, which isn't true, but I guess it was just too good a story (about Apple design values infecting Google) for people to resist. And now some people are saying that I'm responsible for the broad visual refresh now rolling out across Google, which couldn't be further from the truth - in fact, I'm not even sure I like it.

One thing that I learned during the launch of the original Macintosh in 1984 was that the press usually oversimplifies everything, and it can't deal with the reality that there are many people playing critical roles on significant projects. A few people always get too much credit, while most people get too little, that's just the way it has always worked. But luckily, it's 2011 and I can use the service that I helped to create to clarify things.

+Shaun Modi is the awesome young designer most responsible for the visual design of the circle editor, especially the blooming circles, along with
+Jonathan Terleski, who helped refine it after Shaun departed. +Joseph Smarr also helped with the design quite a bit, and was especially valuable as someone I could rely on (along with Jonathan) to tell me when a particular aspect was good enough yet or not.

Google probably won't be thrilled about me mentioning the names of the superb developers who helped me with the circle editor code (hello recruiters) but I feel that I must mention my main collaborators here: +Owen Prater +Eric Cattell +Eric W. Barndollar and +Griff Hazen, along with Ariel Gertzenstein and Rich Conlan who helped in the early stages. And those are just the main front-end guys, there are plenty of others who worked on the shared infrastructure or the back-end that I won't mention.

And all of the above are just the people who helped with the circle editor and related UI. There are plenty of others who worked on the stream, profiles and photos, as well as the leadership, product managers and various specialists who also made invaluable contributions every day. Suffice it to say that Google Plus is the creation of large, talented team that I'm proud to be a part of, and anyway it's only the beginning, we're all excited about what it has a chance to become over the months and years ahead.
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Dave Besbris
We're proud to have you on the team Andy!
Who would have thought it would be possible to somehow manage to build something that is a mix of Twitter, Wave, Facebook, Flickr, Friendfeed and Skype at the same time while having easy control over the granularity of your privacy?
Brilliant brilliant job.
I'd like to keep watching how progress this "+" user interface.
Congrats and thanks to everyone involved!! :D
+Andy Hertzfeld so you're saying you're responsible for google+ wholly without the help of any colleagues whatsoever correct? lol nah just kidding, props for giving credit where credit is due!
Thanks for sharing the real story. Congrats to the + team!
You're very gracious in sharing credit; congrats Andy & team on a beautiful product!
Hey Andy, congratulations on a job well done. Notwithstanding all the good reviews about the Circle UI, I should share this small bit of feedback with you. I have heard it from more than one person including +Gautam John that using and managing circles require a 30+ inch screen. While I would not go so far as to say 30 inches, I am certainly not comfortable on my 10" netbook. My 22" addl screen seems to be doing just fine. Hope this feedback helps.
Word! Andy exemplifies the spirit of the Google+ team - well said, Andy!
Here, here! :) Website are like films. It doesn't make sense to say it was "created" by one person.
Great job to you and your team -- GooglePlus is doubleplusgood and it has been a blast using it for the last 24+ hours. Both the Web and Android apps are terrific and a complete pleasure to use. Thanks!
Congratulations to all involved, I look forward to see where this direction goes across Plus and other Google products.
+Andy Hertzfeld, you sir, are a true gentleman. I'm incredibly grateful for getting to build this amazing product with you!
This is an excellent 'setting the record straight' post, Andy. Thank you! I'm also so happy to see more of your work! I really enjoyed your profile pic editor work back when I was on Gmail and Google Apps.
Jae Lee
Congrats! Great job and I look forward to seeing Google+ evolve
You made it all by yourself??? Wow!
It is clear Andy, excellence of a type is always accompanied with a dose of humility - you have done something extraordinary - and I should know :)
Google is a wonderful team... Cranking out beautiful code. Cheers!
Beautiful work. The interface is so fluid in its layers of functionality. I am looking forward to how it evolves and its full capabilities. Kudos to the whole team. Thank you all.
+Andy Hertzfeld I'm thrilled to be a part of a team that doesn't make things just work for the user, but makes them work right. It takes someone with your abilities and passions to set the tone of the product right and focus on the user. Teams are now asking themselves as they build the products out, "What would Andy do?" and that's awesome!
Some people use recruiters as an excuse to hide those names, but it's not like the people you mention will omit Google+ work from their resumes, or stop using LinkedIn. It's bad reasoning.

When you create something beautiful / wonderful, it's natural to want to sign your work. Conversely, if you know that others will know you worked on something, it's natural to be just a little more meticulous about making it "just so". That's something I always loved about the original Macintosh's case design, and the "about box" of early Mac apps. Hollywood got it right, and if anything, we should be sharing more names.
You guys certainly did good work, and I'm amazed how well hidden the project was until now :)
This is the first Google project with a human face - it has been amazing seeing the Google+ creators here watching this wonderful thing come alive and sharing that experience with the first users.
Thank you guys! It's a good work!
By the way, where is the Google Account in Google+?
I really really like Circles, using it is a lot of fun! But I really want to make nested Circles -- groups and subgroups. Was it a deliberate choice to not allow this, because it would make the UI too complicated? I think it would make choosing who you share with easier.
Yo dawg, we heard you liked Circles...
Thanks for clarifying +Andy Hertzfeld Awesome to see you busy with stuff you're obviously passionate about! Kudos to the rest of the team - loving the design and UX.
P Tufts
+Ryan Minor: This is the first Google project with a human face

So true. About time!
Glad to have this UI, Andy.
Big hugs & congrats to the Whole Team involved in this UI. :)
Well written Post!!
It looks good, it works better and we're enjoying the experience. You can feel that this is only the beginning for Google with the social part. I would also like to curate the things my friends share based on the subject maybe. is trying to do something like that were you shared stuff in different categories and then follow only one category based on you interests.

Congrats on the design again, looking forward for new stuff :)
Good to know :) Btw. is it possible to put circles into circles? #featureRequest
Nice visual design of the circle editor! Good work. :) Just a suggestion - Its difficult to organize friends on small monitors, especially laptops. It would be great if the circles were proportional to screen size.
"the press usually oversimplifies everything" -- Ever notice that even though there are a dozen or so VPs in our engineering division reporters always claim that each one of them is THE vice president of engineering?
On wide screens that aren't tall (eg 13" macbook) a left/right split would be better than top/bottom split between people and circles
It's only the beginning These words by everyone are making us set high expectations. And Google earlier has failed many times in reaching the expectations.

Why can't you people do things silently like you did in this case and earn applauds? You people don't have any clue about the expectations set by normal users. And I bet you can't thrill them every time like you did in this case.
I know a big team working on this project but people want to say "thank you" to one person. I guess its you for Google +. If I were you, (or one of your team member) I wouldnt be so modest. Its just a beginning, I know this project will change our future life. Btw I wont stop using Facebook, Twitter or Myspace. All of them are still very important for me like Google+. (Sorry because of my terrible English)
Thank you all, named and unnamed! Great work you did, there ^_^
Kudos to you Andy for giving the recognition to the team, even though it might not be politically correct to do so. Congrats to the team for developing a new, fresh experience. We look forward to seeing how it evolves.
I am impressed with how far you will go to share the credit Andy, even if you could take a fracking from "the Google" shows character. +1 respect.
Can you add keyboard shortcuts to expand/collapse the post? That would be much more convenient.
I think the smartest thing Google can do right now is to get a Chrome extension out that takes the Google bar to every site you go to when you leave Google that way you get notifications on other sites and will wan't to go right back to Google+

I also think Google needs to be more liberal on invites because if people don't have enough people to test this out with then they could lose interest which is why Wave failed is because not enough people used it and the core users lost interest.
Hey Andy, did you also oversee the new look Google Docs, Gmail and Search revisions we've been seeing in the last few days?
Andy, congrats to you and to the rest of the team! It's a refreshing product, can't wait to see what lies ahead. Thanks!
Google+ is basically facebook clone minus girls in bikini
Nicely said, Andy. Your post is a great example of how share credit.

(Now back to enjoying my vacation. See you back in the office next week :)
Sorry, +Andy Hertzfeld, but Wikipedia already lists you as "the key designer of the Google+ user interface" so it must be true.
Great work, team. I love it already and am looking forward to seeing what Google+ can become! :)
Congratulations. I can't wait to see what comes next.
Thanks for the clarification Andy. Do you know if there are any plans to reveal the overall design process for the UI refresh and the interactive UI elements, including User Testing, etc - with focus on G+?
Great work and a very nice post. We know so little about the people behind all the products and I really like that you share a bit of that information.
Oh yes, circles that evolve around specific topics, like interest groups from linkedin or FB fan pages
I have always loved your work Andy. And today someone linked to this article, I am so happy to see that you are still building great products for users. Best of luck!
+Owen Prater He was our only FE developer on my previous project and was awesome to work with. Fast, fun, and with a good eye for UI design.
Congratulations! Very usable and addictive. Look forward to seeing even more new features as + grows. Thanks!
Awesome work on the circles! It's my fav thing about plus!
Awesome job!! just love the circles n notifications
Great work, the Circle page is the best! (Tell the Android ap devs to copy the design for Honeycomb). Oh and could you add the ability to add circles to circles? Thanks
Raju Pp
I might have to mute this post once I comment, but I really wanted to congratulate you and your team. A great team work! Keep them coming!
I'm enjoying G+ so far, thanks for everything!
Thanks! More names to add to my googlers circle!
awesome post!!! I have created a new circle "tech heroes"-- with Andy Hertzfeld being the first person in it!
Am a entrepreneur from India-- and have been a fan of Mac and you/your-team ever since I was a kid!!!
+Andy Hertzfeld Regardless of whatever roles you played, thank you for being part of the design decisions that I truly treasure. (The Original Mac, Ximian's Nautilus, and now Google+)
Mazel Tov - to the entire team! I'm enjoying myself:) to add emoticons?
The circles editor is useful and fun. Really nice. Thank you for that work, and for mentioning the contributions of everyone who helped. I'm really happy whenever I see +Ariel Gertzenstein getting a shout-out.
Is there anyway to maybe integrate buzz better with circles? As in a importiing all the people you follow on in buyzz into youre following circle?
love all the attention to the little things for a better experience, im sure users will notice or even better, not notice ;)
Es Kot
Love it. Great look and feel. 
I suspected of much, this is much too large of a project for one man to have orchestrated on his own. Thanks so much for clarifying and giving me a few more talented software designers to follow!
Very good job Andy and the whole team. It's wonderful so far. Little quirks here and there but it's good stuff.
Congrats to you and the team at Google. Keep up the great work!
Everything feels very well and smooth, great clean look, very good job! Thank you ;)
I love the circles, and I love that you named them circles. Too bad they were renamed in the Swedish version, "kretsar" makes me think of criminal elements rather than circles of friends =/
Thinking about so many useful applications for classroom use! Thanks!
Ever play the game Burning Wheel? They have the concept of circles in it. :)
Andy, you're one of the most creative, talented, and compassionate people I've ever worked with.

You writing this is yet another testament of your outstanding character. Cheers my friend.
Very nice circles-maker! It'd be way better if it would show my gmail contacts info on all these people though.
Nice work, Andy! Now get someone to code us up a way to rearrange the order of our circles that show up above the More, like you can with gmail labels!
Andy, amazing job! What was Google+ developed with? GWT?
I love your work Andy, hope you lend your skills along with Mattias on ICS!
I'm a User Experience Designer at and I have to say I am pretty impressed with the UX of Google+ as a whole. The Circles UI is not only usable, but cool. Everything looks clean and uncluttered. Great job!
you rock, guys. you all did a great job!
brilliant effort, i am really impressed with the whole Google+ architecture and experience.
wow completely blown away by the whole experience. Just waiting for the world to get on and this thing will rock. UX is phenomenally good, specially compared to old google look and feel. Very clean, very spacious, organized little colors. Great job everyone who worked on it.
Congratulations and thank you, for making quite possibly the best social media descovery of all time.
I think the switch to Macs from PCs paid off too! I guess it makes a big change in your own focus and ideation
I'm sorry to the degree that my story might have contributed any misunderstanding (though appreciative that Andy specified I got the facts right.) I can certainly verify that in my interviews with Andy, he cited multiple colleagues working with him. Sometimes we in the press oversimplify as to not overwhelm readers with names.
I wonder if you can share some insight on how many UX people have been working on + and for how long. I'm just SO impressed at the level of detail and sheer quantity of different little pieces of UI all over. Keeping track of it all and maintaining a consistent "feel" must have been a huge task. I'd love to read anything that you can share on it. Thanks, and congrats!
1+ feature, list what you've posted in each circle.
It's only been two days, and people are already asking for a Dislike button. ;)
Andy, I've been enjoying your UI work for decades: on the Mac, in Nautilus, and now here. I hope you have a chance to work on free software again someday! I imagine you do too.
This is a really nice way to recognize a few more of the talented people behind Google+. Thanks for putting this out there!
Awesome, +Andy Hertzfeld, you were totally right to mention those folks! That's the way things should go(ogle). Giving credit to those who deserve it unfortunately seems to go out of fashion nowadays. And I don't like that development.
Think that Google Wave would have worked if it was embedded in Google+. Would be great for ad hoc workgroups!
Great job! I'm looking forward to seeing this really cool "designed with privacy in mind" product gain lots of share and provide a well-accepted alternative to that other, not-so-interested in privacy and data export, social site.

Can I create nested circles like labels on gmail?

I really like the ideas behind Circles. I have a few suggestions regarding Sparks, though. Were should I post them?
Extremely classy response Andy, there are many people out there who would have just taken the credit - or at least not corrected it.
Good stuff, love to get a bit of back ground on the development aspect of programs.
Very nice post. Ever since my son was able to read at all, I've encouraged him to read the credits on his favorite cartoons, movies, software, and video games. "If your name were in there, I'd want people to read it. Even if it was the very LAST name on the list." I think he and others thought, at first, that I was a little nuts. But he has since discovered the fun of seeing the same names over and over - following the work of people who create things, or help to create things, he enjoys. I'll admit that I don't do it as often as he does - but he got the point early on, and it has stuck. It's nice to see credit given - and shared - where it's due.
The overall experience is great. I love it. Just one wish: there should be an option to limit sharing to specific circles. Example: when I share pics of the kids with the "family circle", I can be sure that they don't get "shared" outside of that circle.
Again, Congratulations! I am surprised and delighted.
Google + is marvelous under the hood and beautiful outside.
Still don't think Google gets it about social, but that's another issue.
Great job Andy, though.
Excellent work. So proud of what you've created!
This is such a great example of humility and teamwork. It's amazing what talented people can create when the work for something greater than themselves. Mindsets such as yours are want separates talented individuals from powerful teams. Thanks so sharing the details, but more importantly thanks for showing us that humility, and sharing credit for good work is a lost art that is still occasionally practiced in the 21st century :)

Congratulations to the team. Great product!
Hopefully gets even greater marketing push.
Very impressed with the Engineering effort behind Google Plus. Obviously.
Thanks the team responsible for an excellent piece of work. Google+ is a joy to use!
Thank you, for your clarification and Thank you a tons for your work...
I for one was mislead into thinking you where the main brain trust behind the whole project.
I wish it could be like in the good old days when all the engineers in a project had their names engraved inside the case of the Mac... or at the beginning of the web when we signed all our html code... even in large projects...
Thank you to everyone who did such a fantastic job on this project!!!
I worked with Andy at General Magic and why am I not surprised that his fingerprints are on the circle editor. It made so much sense because it is so Andy-like & wonderful. I keep adding too many people in my circles because I love to use it so much.
What about the idea of language-oriented Circles? I think it would be a really useful feature for those who have friends from multiple countries. For example, I think it would be cool to post something in Portuguese, for my Portuguese friends; I'd post to a circle of Portuguese-speaking-only kind of circle (that would be auto-updated according to the language preferred by the people already in my circles), and therefore I wouldn't be exposing non-Portuguese friends to such content.
Very classy, Andy. Congrats to the whole team!
Talk about long winded post... That was exactly 555 words... What are the odds. Isn't five five five the number for man?
You are the man! Thanks Andy!
Excellent, we should take time to appreciate the hands behind. Ultimately it's not a single man show. You did a right thing. I am really interested in getting the technologies used behind Google+ I am sure you guy did pretty hardwork for animations, circles photos etc. Where I can catch up the stories?
I like the "following" circle.
Fantastic contributions. We are all contributing to Google+ now.
Thanks for creating this. I can't wait for it to open up to everyone!
Great job, everybody! So far, I'm loving the UI. In fact, I would go so far as to say this is my favorite Google product UI -- though the search team deserves kudos for the great Google Instant stuff that rolled out what seems like ages ago.
robyK Z
Nice post than you for the explanation, but for sure, thank you for what you created for all of us !!
Hey Andy, did you start the UI/UX project with Facebook in mind or did you start from scratch? As someone who's done some projects in the UI world, it seems like you figured out first how people were related and then used the Facebook scheme to portray it (this seems to me the most possible approach). I'm not going to judge you in anyway shape or form, I was just wondering the process. Anyway you slice it, it revolutionizes the social network.
Andy, just superb work by the team. Looking forward to lot more.
Kudos to the whole team! Loving it. Its already starting to influence some design/UX decisions!
A huge thanks. I seem to recall you stating in your NerdTV interview that you felt with age, your neurons weren't firing as quickly as they used to. It's nice to see you were wrong ;)
Andy, I have always admired your work--and you and the team did an outstanding job here, fasted user adoption I've seen in a while
Love seeing people confident enough to give credit where credit is due.
Yeah well Nobel Prize nomination for EDITS in postings and comments!!!
It irks me a bit to see you personally identify and thank all the developers and designers...and then specifically refuse to mention any infrastructure or back-end people.
Thanks for being human. So this should be part of the google+ strategy too - a socialisation of google itself thats driven by heart and brain. your always a first mover, Mr. Andy Hertzfeld, this time and all the other times (as far as I know) - good luck for the future!
Awesome! Thanks for sharing your story. - Dave
So great to see people give credit where it's due instead of just take it all! (I know far t many people who take credit and simply claim it all)
nice work done Andy :) All the best
awesome job! UI flows so beautifully.
Circles is the most crucial item in Google+ for me. Circles will drive and define the future of not only Google+ but also the entire Social Networking community. Great work Googlers!
Thanks for straighten this up. Great work by the way!
thanks - great interface - well done - now for private messages
WHERE IS THE SEND MESSAGE or POST OPTION??.....not sending email. Just individual message sending option...
Huge accomplish.
My biggest quibble? Feedback is all one way. (Yes, of course I can undertand why.) And I'd like to think that the specifics I tweet using #Google+ #RFE (which I also post here) are going somewhere ... but it feels like they're not. HeyHo, so it goes. best --ben
I find it wonderful that the developers are a part of the G+ community, and talking about it. It's very refreshing.
It's a real good thing you're doing giving all the devs you worked with shout outs. Thanks to the entire team behind G+ for creating a really great product.
Job well done mate!!! Now if you cud just bring in Zynga and avoid/divert all their stupid level-up and oh-I-just-found-a-lonely-lamb-please-find-a-new-home-for-it wall posts to another stream....
Thank you and your team for developing an antibiotic to FB-induced social allergies. An antibiotic that could even also potentially say goodbye to drug-resistant FB social allergy strains ;) Kudos.
Thanks for the inside story and glad to hear you're still your (over)generous self :) Looking forward to more cool stuff from you and your teammates!
2070 likes and 1000 shares with over 200 comments. Andy, you are much loved, get used to it ;)
This is the type of humble thought that makes Google and its team so amazing
Thank you for best UI experience, and if I may add, best ever here in Israel, since the interface was translated to Hebrew from DAY ONE! We know how hard it is to mix both languages in the same field (problem not yet solved in FB, Twitter or LinkedIn for example).The system is so intuitive and smooth, simple to use and at the same time exiting. Thank you again!
Congratulations to the team. Well done.
Thanks for sharing that bit of BTS info. The circles are an amazing piece of Google+. The concept is simple, but the functionality is genius. Kudos to the team.
I'm still (i.e. was already on Facebook) missing a feature to give my private nicknames to the people I'm connected to. Would be handy in so many situations, to remember their origin, if I originally know them by a nickname etc. The only option right now is to create single-person circles to keep that information at hand. This is definitely not the best way to do this.
So far google+ shows a lot of promise and the Circle for designating friends and peeps to follow is brilliant - what a great metaphor, its so much better then lists! You did a great job!
Great job, Andy. UX that even my mother could understand. +1
Working very smoothly, nice job.
Awesome interface! LOVE Circles. Would love to see it broken down into 3 sections instead of 2 though - "Contacts"(Symmetric relationship: You are in each others circles), "Following" (People who added you but you haven't reciprocated) and "Followers" (People you added but who haven't reciprocated). Would make it crystal clear.
Titles can be anything as long as they convey these 3 relationships.
sorry, but I don't think it is THAT great. It has potential, but lot of work to do still.
Thanks, man.
Both for being involved in something cool, and for commenting on how teamwork is what makes great things go.
Andy, G+ reminds me of some of the early Mac sofware you wrote 25 years ago. I remember you showing off Juggler to A32, a Mac user group in the South Bay. Early multi-tasking for the Mac.


Andy, since I have you on the line, let me ask you a question...

I love the fact that contacts info-eschange are not all-or-nothing, like other social tools that will remain unnamed.

However, as I add more contacts to Circles, it tends to flood my Stream. Some high-traffic feeds, Mashable News, could thereby dilute my Stream.

Q: Is there, or will there be a way to "mute" a Circle so that it does not show up in the Stream, but could still be selected by the Circle "News" at the user's discretion?

(And yes, I did send this to "Send feedback")
Hi Andy. Nice clarification.

Google Plus looks great so far. Congrats to you and the team!
Hi, Id like to congrats to all the great work u and whole G Team has done, it looks promising!
Congrats Sir for this great work.....
Great Job, Andy. As far as I'm concerned, G+ could well have been named "Google Circles".
I think it would be fun to see other googlers' circles, though not see names of who is in them, and request to be added to the circle with a click. We could click to accept or reject such requests from others. 
Andy, I am predisposed to dislike and distrust Google wherever they drift from the core value of great search get into the business of collecting personal information. Your and the teams work has been so good that I'm here anyway. Consider that the highest compliment I know how to give.
It's a very clean interface. I think you guys did a great job.
I myself was guilty of running an oversimplified tweet calling out Mr. Hertzfeld's least allowing the myth to perpetuate. The humility to call out the facts is refreshing. Thank you Mr. Hertzfeld.
Tell everyone involved it's great!!!! Facewho?
A great project by Andy! You've already made a million hearts smile at the latest offering.... Way to go Google+ :)
and it's awesome - only the translation in German is defying syntax sometimes. I adore this network, it's real fun and beautifuly done!
Nice Beginning....This look wonderfull future...
Andy, can I ask a silly question? Who conceived of the idea @ google of using the model of circles to match the real life circles of ppl?
Kevin L
like + Thanks ^^
It would be cool if the media mistakenly thought Hertzfeld was the main designer behind the Canon Cat...
Things are looking very Wave-like. Excellent use of real-time updating!
ted m
Andy, I am finding that without a mouse, on the mba tracpad, I have to use extra fingers to move someone from the suggestions into a circle. Also, the 2nd and 3rd rows of circles need to be scrolled, once I begin dragging someone from the suggestions. Should the circles get smaller so all can be visible w/o scrolling?
Thanx Andy for the informative post. This is why we want to invite you as a Geek in good standing with us at the GeekFactory. Of which i intend to slowly leak out more details on this very exclusive group.
Andy, Circles is a great concept. I'm wondering if there could be a pre-defined ( or inherited) circle hierarchy (e.g. Family, Siblings, Cousins) which might make adding folk into circle categories a bit quicker. Maybe a set of linked circles - drag into unions or intersections - probably I'm not thinking clearly enough about an improved paradigm. The drag and drop is cool enough though!
WAOW! It's incredible when a Big Name like +Andy Hertzfeld recognize the great job of his team! One thing is sure and it's that the UI design of Google+ is JUST AMAZING, I'm never tired of use it or looking it.. You created a piece of art that inspire me every day to do a better work ! THANKS
Nice job with the graphic design. The profile pages look how I always wanted profile pages to look and the whole site feels uncluttered. The user experience feels much more intuitive as well-
Hi Andy just my 2 cents. I like the clean design and thoughtfulness that went into the circles. This was an excellent way to include/exclude groups of people from other groups. This makes it a easy mental picture to understand but also an easy way to connect with your various circles (family, friends, business associates... etc.) Thanks for having a great grasp of the real life application model. We appreciate it!
+Andy Hertzfeld I am catching up all the old info, and found this post... I must CONGRATULATE YOU FOR THE IDEA IS THE KEY FOR THE SUCCESS OF G+

• Among all the test I did on my social networks experiments, and after study what thousands of users did on each network I get to the conclusion that the best social network will be a mix of Facebook and twitter, and by invite only like the Spanish Tuenti. One script from WebLingo Develomepnt allowed me to test that and I did.. the experience was just the same I am experiencing here on G+, friendships and interactions raised a lot same as page views when I changed from 2 way confirmed friendship as in facebook to one way unconfirmed friendship as we have here.

One way friendship, as Twitter: Allows you to follow people that have same interests that you have.

Then Circles is just the little thing that made the concept perfect. I tried to do simmilar things with groups and networks but, the problem was that such options were not predictable to users, as Circles are. Circles is the smartest way to group contacts. And you, my friend, are the one who figured it out....

Different feeds for different circles, the perfect idea.

For example, on Facebook, I started to add close friends, then old friends, university friends, and school friends, then some business partners, and so.. at the end I realize that what may be cool or may interest an old buddy like an old school picture, may not interest other newest friends, and I started to stop posting updates, and I started to use Facebook from time to time to send some message when for example I receive some birthday notification.

The true way to do this is like is done in G+, relevant content based on group of interests, and share with the group things that the group like to hear. On G+ you can have your friends on several circles and you can share things only with a single circle or with all, wich is just PERFECT.
Who again is flickr, facebook and....? You'll smoke 'em...
I will start with saying "kudos" for a job well done, I really love the functionality and flexibility of circles but I have one gripe/wish.

When on my desktop machine, using circles is a delightful experience but...

When using a touchpad rather than a mouse and particularly when screen real estate is limited (like on my netbook) working with the circles gui is really frustrating.

On my netbook screen in order to see even a single rank of circles, I have to stretch the window so I can only see one line of people and pretty much any time I make a change it re-sizes it back to the default.

So I find myself avoiding the circles tab and individually making changes through the hover over drop down menus which is really not an efficient way when dealing with hundreds of users and changes.

I'd love to have the option of a simple list view where I use the hover over drop down boxes to organize my circles that way.
Wish more people would behave the same way as you do. You are a wonderful role model.
It's bound to meet the same fate as Buzz. Unless, Google brings in a heard of social specialist on bringing the same sort of user expereince and sensation as in FB. I am not saying copy FB, but understand what people like to do with their social -cyber platform and what amazes them, what excites them, what gets them glued to such a platform. What to they need and what they want....etc .etc. So far I like G+....I'd like to see it succeed. Also google should do more to bring it to public notic, the nice little upgrades it brings in to everthing from Gmail to contact management elements.
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