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Palo Alto, CA
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software wizard
I'm interested in systems programming, UI design, music and literature. Soon, I hope to write the kind of novel that I enjoy reading.
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original Macintosh co-creator
  • Brown University
    Math/Computer Science, 1971 - 1975
  • University of California, Berkeley
    Computer Science, 1976 - 1979
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    Rosemont, PA, 1969 - 1971
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Andy Hertzfeld

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Wesley Stace, aka John Wesley Harding, is a great songwriter. I love his Donald Trump/Mr. Tambourine man parody, "Mr. Tangerine Man".
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Super video 
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Andy Hertzfeld

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I'm excited about the forthcoming Bruce Springsteen autobiography, due to be published by Simon & Schuster (the publisher of Dylan's awesome autobiography) on September 27th this year.
Simon & Schuster is proud to announce the world-wide publication of Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography, Born to Run, which will be released internationally on September 27, 2016. The work will be pub
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Is it the story about my youth or what?
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Andy Hertzfeld

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I did an interview with about the new Steve Jobs flick.  It's cavalier with the facts, but great at exploring the deeper truths behind them.  It's also kind of weird to be fictionalized.
The movie "deviates from reality everywhere -- almost nothing in it is like it really happened -- but ultimately that doesn't matter that much."
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je suis nouvelle
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Andy Hertzfeld

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Dylan is on the next to the last show next week.   I hope he does "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue".
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Andy Hertzfeld

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I visited with the amazing team working on the new "Steve Jobs" movie yesterday.   I feel very lucky to be portrayed by someone as talented and scrupulous as Michael Stuhlbarg.
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nice smile
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Andy Hertzfeld

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It was great to see everyone at the General Magic reunion yesterday.  So many amazing people who went on to do monumental work (eBay, iPod iPhone, Android, Nest, etc.) and so much mutual affection for each other.
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I wonder if Apple ever considered buying General Magic back in the day.
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Andy Hertzfeld

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This is pretty much the holy grail for Dylan collectors, even more so than the 65-66 studio outtakes issued last year. This 36 CD box set contains dozens of soundboard recordings, most of them never even bootlegged, from the amazing, contentious 1966 world tour, where audiences booed the finest music of Dylan's career because they thought he was selling out by playing electric.
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Thats Wawo!
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Andy Hertzfeld

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A car inadvertently knocked over a fire hydrant across the street from us in Palo Alto yesterday afternoon, resulting in an impressive 30-foot high geyser. It took almost a half hour for the city to shut it down.
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Fabulous looks 
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Andy Hertzfeld

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Wow!  Every outtake from Bringing It All Back Home, Highway 61 Revisited and Blonde on Blonde, available on Nov. 6th.  The only question is whether to get the comprehensive 18 disc version or merely the 6 disc sampler - I will probably get both.
Unreleased songs, outtakes & more on Bob Dylan The Cutting Edge 1965-1966 Bootleg Vol. 12 -
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+Lee Bruner I'd say that if you can do without Dylan entirely, you're probably not in the target audience for this product. You might enjoy the Elvis Unedited Masters - Stax 1973 CD Venus records put out a few years ago, though.
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Andy Hertzfeld

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My review of the recent Steve Jobs bio:

"I adore the early Apple Computer that Brent and Rick belittle, so I'm writing this piece to defend it."
From my days at Apple, I knew Steve pretty well. Here’s my take on the Schlender-Tetzeli bio.
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Dittos . . . we knew that back in the User Group days with Woz!  LOL ... BUT HEY +Andy Hertzfeld    I was sad to note that the publisher -- while making the page "mobile friendly" -- somehow neglected to include in the eyebrow or after the title that the article is authored by you.   ?????  Or is it hidden off to the side or something????  I think any self-respecting journalist or publication needs to remember to include the author's name **prominently** in the first visual "gulp" of the piece -- NOT some little bug or pop-up or tracer, etc.  Many people keep those turned off in their browsers to avoid predators and stalker links at spam sites   --- Medium dot com takes a step down in credibility.  But Andy . . . you got it going on anyway!  Thanks for the post
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Andy Hertzfeld

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Excited to be at Game 3 tonight. Go Giants!
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Nice one
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Andy Hertzfeld

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We were lucky to be at the ballpark this afternoon to witness Tim Lincecum's no-hitter.   The tension and release in the stadium during the ninth was exquisite. 
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Hi friend
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