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Andy Hertzfeld

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Some fascinating photos of Bob Dylan and the Hawks performing an early electric show recently surfaced.  It was at Symphony Hall in Newark, NJ on October 2, 1965, only his sixth electric concert ever.
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Whoa, great find.
Thanks for sharing, Andy!

I hope all is well with everyone's beloved Macintosh wizkid.
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Andy Hertzfeld

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This song was written about the demise of Giants stadium in the swamps of Jersey, but is a good one to bid farewell to Candlestick Park this evening, "where Giants played the game".
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For a moment I thought it was a Miley Cyrus cover. So glad I was wrong.
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Andy Hertzfeld

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A sign of the overheated real estate market in downtown Palo Alto.
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I like trees n flowers something has root on soil so much!
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Andy Hertzfeld

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Susan Kare, the designer of the original Mac's fonts and icons, gave a talk in Göteborg, Sweden earlier this week and, as requested, left behind a mural as a memento.
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Andy Hertzfeld

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An amazing, 3D-printed  "Mock Pro"
I have just written a feature article on 3D Printers for MacPeople, a leading Japanese Mac and iOS devices magazine. For examining the ability of some of the professional 3D printers, we tried to build a mock-up of the new Mac Pro. We used two different printers, ZPrinter 650 for color printed boards, and Formiga P 110 for inner frames and covers. Frames and covers are painted for the finishing touch. The mock-up should be almost the same size as real new Mac Pro, so you can see the difference from the current model.
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I still haven't seen one, they are in short supply here in Aus...
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Andy Hertzfeld

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Nice article on CNET about the original Macintosh software team, on the eve of the Mac's thirtieth birthday:

"And of course the best part of participating in designing the Mac was getting a great computer to use for the last 30 years"
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Great video. Jobs really was the son of Disney
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Andy Hertzfeld

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Shameless plug:  You can get Revolution in the Valley as well as every other O'Reilly ebook for 50% off today as part of their Cyber Monday sale. 
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your book is one of the coolest book about computer history. and you don't need to be a mac fan for loving it.
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Andy Hertzfeld

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I was really excited to receive my copy of Bob Dylan: The Complete Album Collection, Vol. One  this week, which is a box set containing every officially released Bob Dylan album, many of them newly remastered.  A 43 disc set would be too cumbersome to consider, but luckily they offered it on a tiny USB drive, enclosed in a cool harmonica-shaped container.   It has both MP3 and lossless FLAC versions of every song, 19 gigabytes in all.   The only disappointment is that it lacks the bootleg series stuff, but I suppose that’s what Vol. Two is for.
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Great collector's item, +Andy Hertzfeld !
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Andy Hertzfeld

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There was an impromptu reunion of early Apple folk this afternoon at the Computer History Museum, attended by five of the first eight employees.  Here's Steve Wozniak conversing with Rod Holt, and Jerry Manock with Terry Oyama, the industrial designers of the Apple II and original Mac.
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I am sorry to interrupt, but the word "Crowdfunding" was formed by Michael Sullivan, who used, the very first all-or-nothing website on the Internet. I am therefore connected with an entire Internet phenomenon.
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Andy Hertzfeld

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dot matrix skywriting above Palo Alto this morning.
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It was a dot matrix printer in the room next to the bedroom that kept my spousal unit awake too many nights. She misses their demise not one little bit.

Anyone besides me remember "rejuvenating" a dried-out ribbon cartridge with WD-40?
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