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Game Design:

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Andy Hauge

Hacks, Mods, Tweaks  - 
I only considered this recently, but I've been playing through the Warcraft 3 campaigns recently, and it's astounding how perfectly the narrative maps to a Burning Wheel Campaign. Like, maybe a 6 LP game. The...execution of the narrative could be improved, but the framework is absolutely there.

Arthas is totally a Burning Wheel character. I've definitely had a PC who would've at least considered pulling a Stratholme if he had reason to.

Would you even have to hack all that much, at least for Humans/Elves/Dwarves/Orcs? (I guess some of the elf cultures don't map as nicely onto BW Elves.)
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+Sage LaTorra and +Adam Blinkinsop also talked about a Warcraft game on Another Question (the podcast)
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Andy Hauge

Actual Play  - 
In hindsight, it was probably inevitable that once I noted "escape tunnel in the basement can be flooded via the river", it was inevitable that the players would manage to trigger it.

Especially given that the magician drew the attention of a dark entity lurking within the dungeon which a cult had been trying to draw into this world.

(Props to the dungeon-prep section for leading me to build the dungeon like that; once I realized that it was a goblin prison for bloodmages before being repurposed by the cult, I knew that it had to have a worst-case scenario setup like flooding the whole dungeon.)
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Yeah I really love the way they get you making dungeons in Torchbearer just allows you to have great ideas and have those ideas get detailed enough to feel real.
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Andy Hauge

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Some folks carefully cultivate and pre-plan their working-music.

I just go to "Albums" and pick a genre and go. Today, it's soundtracks. It's usually soundtracks, actually.
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Sound tracks are best tracks.
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Andy Hauge

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Game Design: Number Spreads

So Hearthstone did an interesting thing for their "Tavern Brawl" format (where they basically make up a variant play mode for a week): they borrowed the "Challengestone" format that a Hearthstone streamer developed for a tournament some time back. You're only allowed to put spells with an even-numbered mana cost in your deck, and you're only allowed to put minions with an odd-numbered attack value in your deck.

The interesting thing is how the minion restriction really changes up the board game. Since minions can only deal damage in odd-numbered increments, even-numbered amounts of health on a minion means that you can't get rid of it by using just one minion; you need something else on top. And that got me thinking about number spreads in games.

In default Hearthstone, the number spread for damage and health values is far more varied. This means that it's a lot harder to figure out rules of thumb for whether a given stat line is good or bad, and a ton of it centers on any dominant always-played minions that are in the meta. For example, Piloted Shredder, which has 4 attack. Because Piloted Shredder has 4 attack, any 4-health minions will trade unfavorably with it, usually.

That uneven-ness in the numbers area is something important to keep in mind in any game you're designing that uses numbers. Are numbers uniformly distributed? Are there reasons that some numbers are better than others? What would happen if you placed restrictions on the numbers, such as "values can only be odd/even" or "values must correspond to elements in the Fibonacci Series"? What if different types of cards have different interacting stat distributions? (For instance, in a combat game, what if units only had odd-numbered health and even-numbered attack, but special abilities had damage corresponding to Fibonacci Series numbers--1 damage, 2 damage, 3 damage, 5 damage, 8 damage?)

It starts to move game stats out of the realm of "bigger is better" and into the realm of "what is Value X capable of doing?", which I feel is always a good place to aim for. Instead of just doing number-crunching, you have to look at how the pieces of the game interact.
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On the spell side, it doesn't really do a lot with the math element, but it does really limit the spell pool, which is notable. There's a lot of odd-numbered spells which get used along with even-numbered spells, and so you basically have a whole new card list that warps the meta. Which is really interesting.

(For example, only two character classes wind up with access to reliable board-wipe spells, because all the other board-wipe spells in the game have an odd-numbered mana cost.)
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Andy Hauge

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damn IT blocking twitch 
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I was idly thinking (since my housemate often plays the Undertale soundtrack in the car), how would one make an Undertale-ish scenario in GSS?

Upfront: I know that Pix is a thing, but I'm currently more interested in sussing out how GSS in particular could serve this sort of story.

The main spark of inspiration that came to me was the idea that the protagonist of Undertale could make for a great problem for the henge. Basically: the henge are living in this community of magical creatures, when one day a scared, angry, maybe even violent child is dropped into their midst. What do they do? How do they resolve this?

The main challenge I see here is a lack of human characters, which is kinda a big part of what makes GSS so powerful--a human cast that all the henge interact with. Could you ever possibly hope to hit the same sort of thing if the community is instead a community of monsters and other fantastical creatures?

All the same, I really love the idea of a scenario where the henge need to win the trust of a human who's dealing with some very real problems.

Why is it that I get all the off-kilter GSS ideas?
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Thanks, I guess I'll have to poke him for a status update. :-)
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Andy Hauge

Discussion  - 
Link is to a very particular comment in the thread. It's a lovely encapsulation of some of the very best parts of Burning Wheel.

Small excerpt describing a character from a campaign: "A 12 year old mail boy that wanted to have his voice heard and stand up to adults. Because of the way character creation works he barely had any stats and skills, but the player managed to get the most points (both for playing his Beliefs, Instincts and Traits, and for learning/advancing his skills) out of everyone. He was completely fascinated by the elves. Notable actions: nearly getting shot by a guard, working his way into a council meeting and being allowed to speak there, deliver his mail while being hungover."

I love it!
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Son of a gun. Actually wait, I think he had a second lifepath of "boy" too. Still, he was really fresh, almost no skills to speak of.
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Andy Hauge

Compendium Classes  - 
So, this is a Compendium Class I whipped up really quickly for a campaign that's currently on hiatus. The players encountered a magical item which housed an arcane construct called an "Astral Guardian". (In the game, Astral Guardians take names/inspiration from constellations. Star Pulses are their evil equivalent, being eldritch entities in the service of the cultists of the Elder Gods.)

It's very heavily-inspired by JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders; Astral Guardians and Star Pulses are invisible to normal people, but their wielders can see them. They give special powers and abilities to their user.
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You know, just an excuse to watch teens fighting while wearing fancy armors, in the name of the constellations / gods / whatever 😉
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There's an interesting amount of aesthetic overlap between MOBAs and Chess: there's two sides advancing towards one another, each side has a whole bunch of faceless minions that form their frontlines, marching forward in a constant stream, and the rest of the pieces have unique properties and are useful for different situations.

Makes me ponder how one could convert that into a Chess-inspired game where you "build your own" team, and maybe steal some other ideas from MOBAs.
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I was just thinking about it being a chess like bag buildet
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Andy Hauge

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This is what the face of murder looks like. #WonderWoman  
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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH. I'm headed out for the weekend, and there is one person in my Marvel draft ahead of me. I'm literally this close from being able to make my pick, but they haven't posted yet! :-P

(Never mind that I can leave my pick with someone, it's the principle of the matter!)
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This is what my team looks like currently; I've been writing their Issue #1 as I go.

(Stating the obvious, but all characters are exactly like their mainline Marvel counterparts, unless otherwise noted, and there are definitely a few significant changes. Also, in this draft, we've established that SHIELD as an organization doesn't exist. Instead, they're an NYPD operation headed up by Captain Gwen Stacey that's in charge of dealing with/investigating the so-called Hellgate in NYC.)
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