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The Fifth House is here

My new book, The Fifth House, is out today!

Following closely on the events of The Only City Left, Allin Arcady searches for his lost love. Tyena Branch struggles to scavenge enough food to keep her mother and herself alive. And in the cat city of Pudlington, the uneasy truce between humans and felines is already faltering.

Into this turmoil enters the true power behind Doyle Arcady’s reign... The Fifth House.

DRM-Free everywhere. Free Kindle version with purchase of the softcover. No werebeasts were harmed in the making of this book.

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Need to catch up? Find the links to Book 1, The Only City Left, at

Early Reviews for The Fifth House:

1) Mack Moyer:

“It seems like every novel taking place after the fall of human civilization spends chapter upon chapter telling us how things like zombies and laser swords came about. Goldman does none of that. His world is full of talking cats, ghosts, monsters and tiny coils that can turn you into a werebear (or perhaps a squid). It’s just awesome for the sake of being awesome.”

2) Ryan Toxopeus:

“The way themes re-emerged from the first book to be bigger and badder than before was excellent. The voices of the two main characters were distinct. I found myself liking Allin's humour more than Tyena's straight shooting attitude, but both were well written.”

3) Galit Balli:

“I had high expectations from this book as I just finished reading the first only a few weeks ago and I am so happy it didn’t fall and this book was such a wonderful read. It was fast paced with lots of action scenes and twists and turns that can make you scream at the book.”

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The article is not really about Pokemon, but about sleep paralysis and other ways our normal dreaming process glitches.

I've had both sleep paralysis and the lack of it, where I would dream punching and wake up having punched the wall. Luckily, I don't sleep walk anymore, and I haven't had a case of dreaming while awake but paralyzed.

The worst version of that I had involved a spectral woman floating over the bed, holding me down while I couldn't move a muscle, just like the Pokemon in this story. So, maybe it's just a brain glitch, or maybe it was an encounter with the supernatural. Either way, it was very unpleasant.

I am tempted to fast forward through episode 2 of Iron Fist. It is making me want to do harm to the screen.

(Yes, yes, no one's holding a gun to my head, I know.)

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Somehow this has stuck in my head since childhood, and I will sing it at random times. I didn't quite have the lyrics right, though. I always sing, "It's the New Zoo Revue, coming after you." Which is not far off from "coming right at you," but just that tad bit more sinister. But really, that creepy frog is coming right at you...

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If this isn't a Black Widow, it had the unfortunate appearance of being a black widow. Goodbye possibly-dangerous spider.

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I had to stop to take a picture of some cows today. Because why not.

Beautiful weather and I was feeling pretty good, so I did 21.3 miles in 1:35.

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They should have just reversed the route. ;)

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While checking out possible rides in the Strava app, I zoomed in and found a tear in reality. Might have to bike out there next ride.

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Feeling mostly better now. To the point where this might have shifted out of a cold and turned into basic allergies.

Also looking forward to next week. I ordered a new bike. Can't wait to tackle some hills with more than 3 gears.

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+Eric Franklin, I just started Two Serpents Rise. It does seem quicker to get into, even with the new city/customs. I guess just knowing about the God War and the Deathless Kings makes for a better understanding of what's going on.

Anyway, looks like he is continuing the series, sans numbered titles.
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