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Andy Gibson
Digital Analyst and Google Analytics Qualified Individual
Digital Analyst and Google Analytics Qualified Individual


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Did you know tomorrow is Google Analytics' 10th birthday? Check out +Michael Loban's summary of GA over the last 10 years:

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Check out +InfoTrust's newest product,, featured on Product Hunt today!

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Need to know if you need Google Analytics Premium? Look no further.
Do You Need Google Analytics Premium?
/via +InfoTrust, LLC  #analytics  

"For those of you with Google Analytics experience, you probably have heard about Google Analytics Premium, Google Analytics Standard's more sophisticated sibling. One of the questions we hear a lot at InfoTrust is, "How do we know if we need Google Analytics Premium?" 

Well, friends, today I'll answer that question for you!"

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You won't want to miss this!
People, not tools are what drives data driven businesses. It is the principal behind  +Avinash Kaushik 90:10 rule that I first listened to him present in 2005. Hence Building An Insights Team is what my next webinar is about... Join me with +InfoTrust this Weds 27-May  @1pm EST to discuss:

If you have my latest book, Chapter 8 is the content for this webinar discussion.

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Hey everyone! I'm excited to announce a webinar series with Brian Clifton, best-selling author of "Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics" and former Google Head of Analytics for Europe.

He will be taking us through a few sections of his new book, "Successful Analytics" to master the art and science of web analytics. 

This is a webinar you won't want to miss!

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Hey everyone, we are very excited to announce a webinar series with +Brian Clifton. He will be discussing areas of his new book, "Successful Analytics". If you haven't signed up yet, I highly recommend signing up now!

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Upcoming Webinar on May 13th at 1:00pm EST: Driving Sales with Google Analytics – Features, Examples and Implementation

In this webinar Googler +Neil Hoyne and Certified Partner +Michael Loban will share lessons learned from implementing Enhanced Ecommerce across many sites. This webinar will include:

-Detailed comparison of standard ecommerce reporting and Enhanced Ecommerce reporting
-Advanced case studies – implementation examples and GA reporting walkthrough
-Common reasons GA implementation projects get stalled and how to overcome them

Learn more and sign up at:

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Interested in #tagmanagement? Check out this +Tag Inspector interview with Jay Calavas from +Tealium

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Sign up to hear +James Love and I speak!
March 18: Digital Marketing Madness in Higher Education Webinar
/via +InfoTrust, LLC  #analytics   #marketing   #education

College basketball isn’t the only madness taking place in March! It’s also the time of year your admissions team is beginning to prepare for a very busy fall semester. Whether it’s high school juniors taking their SATs and thinking about Higher Education options, or adults looking to further their education and career opportunities, it’s never too early to begin allocating your annual marketing budget.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

Advantages of Universal Analytics in Higher Education
How student ID cards become insightful data in Universal Analytics
Tracking visitors across multiple devices and touchpoints
Closing the loop on marketing – integrating online & offline activities
Future of analytics in higher education
Paid search, remarketing, and the benefits of digital advertising
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