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Andy Gelme
HackerSpaces, distributed and embedded systems, interconnecting the internet and the real world.
HackerSpaces, distributed and embedded systems, interconnecting the internet and the real world.

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Starting a huge day of hacking at International NodeBots Day in Melbourne Australia

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Looking forward to using and hacking on your POC !
Trivial POC controlling +LIFX via node-red at +Connected Community HackerSpace (Melbourne)

node-red =>

Lifx smart light bulbs =>

Kevin Bowman's LIFX node.js library =>

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 LIFX Review 1: Our LIFX Bulbs Have Arrived -- Unboxing Photos

After almost a year since ordering (10 months, to be exact), our ten LIFX, WiFi enabled LED bulbs have arrived! If you’re not familiar with LIFX, visit their homepage and watch the video ( It gives a great overview of the concept and the promise of their technology.

Note: LIFX is one of the KickStarter success stories. It is a young startup made possible by #crowdfunding . The last 14 months have been a startup and ramp-up period. They are just getting to the point where they can ship product out at a faster rate. Here's their original KickStarter page: 

Unboxing The Bulbs

Attached to this post are the unboxing photos. To spare you too many words on this post, I have captioned each photo. You can read those by launching the photos into the viewer.

Note: I have pinged LIFX via Twitter to report the very-poor packaging quality. Come on, LIFX, no Google Plus Page?

Update: LIFX replied to my tweet fewer than 30 minutes after I posted. They said they appreciated the heads up and will bring this issue up with their fulfillment provider. Great customer service and engagement by such a young, under-staffed startup!

Usability In Recessed Lighting?

There has been confusion on whether or not LIFX bulbs can be used in recessed (can) fixtures. A few reviews by early recipients of LIFX bulbs have reported on Amazon that the bulbs get too hot for use in can fixtures. Also, there are some blog posts that offer the same warning.

As LIFX does not provide any guidance to this specific issue, I decided to do two things. First, run my own test using a single LIFX bulb in one of the eight recessed fixtures we wish to install LIFX. Second, submit a support question on the LIFX support site.

In short, here is what I have discovered after three-hours of continuous use of a single LIFX bulb in one of our canned fixtures. The LIFX bulb is still cool enough to touch (the bottom of the bulb as well as the sides and top of the enclosure too). In fact, it has remained significantly cooler than our CF bulbs -- which are not safe to touch after being on for five or ten minutes.

Note: The instructions at the back of the tiny manual indicate that LIFX bulbs should not be installed in fixtures rated fewer than 80 Watts. As our can fixtures are 75W rated, I was slightly concerned, but the 5W difference does not appear to diminish their output.

Initial Impressions

Once I set up all ten of our LIFX bulbs and connect them to our home network, I will write a follow-up post on my initial impressions. I'll focus on performance on the bulbs, ease of use of the smartphone app used to control them, and overall aesthetic appeal and fun in using them.

Order Your Own LIFX Today

Recently, I believe literally today, LIFX opened up orders for their Batch 3 bulbs ( If you want to get a bulb or a dozen to use in your house, order them now as it takes a long while before they are manufactured (in China), sent back to the states, and then packaged to send off to each customer.

Note: I ordered our LIFX bulbs under the Batch 2 program which ran about a year ago. We received a nice discount compared to the current prices, but even then, we paid close to $800 for our bulbs.

Read My Other LIFX Bulb Reviews

LIFX Review 2: LIFX Bulbs and The LIFX App In Action! (

LIFX Review 3: Results Of Recessed Fixture Testing (

/cc +Chris Messina 

#internetofthings   #homeautomation     #lighting   #wifi   #lifx  
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