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Damn and fecking blast it! Kubuntu 12.04 update killed everything. Won't boot. recovery options do nothing.
I'd just got it working how I wanted it too. Not happy. Not happy at all. It's time like these I could pull the plug on Linux and just walk away.
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Got a live cd kicking around?
No. I normally just use usb these days. I could download it again.
USB key will do too. I was thinking of how you could mount the local filesystem and get some logs from it to see what's up..
Can I do the same from my Win8 partition? There's nothing of importance that I need to save, so I may just wipe it and reinstall.
Not really. I was just interested to see why it broke rather than blat it and never know. If everyone does that, we'd never fix anything, and people would continue to rant at us :(
Very true, and a very good point. I shall tackle it later.
Right, without being to dim (really dim) how do I use the live CD for fault finding?
OK, live CD won't even boot. Going to try a USB now and see what happens.
Getting fed up now. I've tried two live CDs, one USB and tried an install of Kubuntu and Ubuntu 12.04 and nothing will work. It either sits there and does nothing, or loads, gets so far into the install and then crashes. Starting to think this may be hardware issue, as never had this many problems just with a simple install.
Odd that my windows partition is working fine.
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