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Do you use Yoast with your Wordpress site? Are you doing just enough to get the little green bullets lit, or are you doing more?

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New free SEO Audit tool is now available for those wishing to gather some page intelligence. Allows you to look at competitor at the same time to allow you to see where there are differences.

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When auditing a website, I have noticed a wide range of issues, as you might image. However, you would be surprised at just how many of these are best practice. It seems that a lot of sites are being built 'out of the box'' with issues in place.

In the last 6 months, I have found no less than 96% of sites tested have more than 80% of best practice issues. This leads to bad usability, poor rankings and untold penalties.

Where does the blame lie? With the developer for not knowing better? With the customer for not specifying correctly? One thing is for sure, it is only increasing as more 'web designers' crawl out of the woodwork claiming to know how to build an SEO friendly site 'out of the box'. Scary stuff!

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In the next few weeks Search Console is going to change how and to whom we send messages. After the change, we will send messages only to the direct owners of a particular site; owners of parent properties will no longer be sent messages for their child properties.

For example: Currently, if the site triggers a message, all of the following sites will be sent the message: (the site triggering the message)

With the upcoming change, only the owners of will receive the message triggered by their own site. 

Although this change will affect most messages, critical messages (such as a hacked site alert) might still be sent to all parent site owners. 

We hope this change will lighten your email load, and make your life a little easier. If you have feedback, please let us know here on G+ or in our forums!

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Mobile Recruitment Agency Website testing. New data published and it's not a good outlook for more than 65% tested

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Bing & Google accreditations now complete!

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New site, new SEO Consultancy page. Time to start expanding on the content!

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After crawling 4,130 recruitment websites, just over 65% of them are not mobile friendly and fail the Google insights test.
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