Lunch and Scott Walker

Watching Scott Walker: 30 Century Man on The Sundance Channel for the second time in a year or so, I am again drawn into the majestic, out of place, wonder that is Walker's voice. I first heard Walker's Tilt in the late middle '90's on college radio. Driving to work, the ethereal lyric "I'll give you 21. 21. 21." compelled me to purchase his available catalog. While little of his post-Walker Brothers output I could find did much for me, Tilt blew me away. On first watching this documentary, I discovered he had more releases than I could find. I've yet to acquire his 1984 and 2006 releases. More a result of an OS reboot that cast the tab into oblivion than a hesitancy to make the purchase. I'll not wait this time and risk the miss.

+Jay Gischer, you may well hate this stuff, but since you've sent some interesting music my way, I offer this, admittedly difficult, catalog in return. And if you see the documentary, I defy you to not critique the form during the meat punching percussion. ;-)
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