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Andy Czerwonka

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St Aloysius Catholic Church at Gonzaga University
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Andy Czerwonka

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The construction at Bowmont is a pain in the ass, but the trails are in great shape!
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Chris V
I'm pretty sure I saw your light on the west side of Waterfall Valley a couple of hours ago. I was in Bowmont this afternoon and agree that the trails are in excellent condition.
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Andy Czerwonka

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I have a KHS 3000 with the stock Snowshoe XL 4.8" tires and and looking to get them studded. Does anyone have experience/recommendations?
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As for performance of my studded Snowshoe XL tires... unpacked snow and then slush is what I encountered this weekend, so I still don't know how they perform on ice!
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Andy Czerwonka

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I'd be interested for sure.
Just a thought...wonder what others think:

Is there any interest in members hosting group rides in some of the "urban fatbiking" areas to show others their favorite loops/trails this winter?

For example - I have a pretty fun 2hrs-ish loop in the Weaselhead area that I'd be happy to lead others through. However, I am not at all familiar with Nose Hill and always seem to get lost in Fish Creek.

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Andy Czerwonka

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@reginaldcuffee: Good Morning: Today, become aware of your attitude because it influences the meanings you give to what you experience.
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Andy Czerwonka

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I'm amazed that I never heard of Rodriquez. If you haven't seen "Searching for Sugarman", I highly recommend it. A great story.
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I agree. .. 
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Andy Czerwonka

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Prime winter conditions at Fish Creek!!
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Andy Czerwonka

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Finally have a travelling setup for the fatty!
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just be sure to wash all the road salt and crap off when you get home. I've had issues when I've been to lazy to clean it.
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Andy Czerwonka

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Pipelines being dangerous would be an argument for building one not against it, safely assuming the leaky old ass pipes are much more dangerous than newly constructed ones, and even safer still than hauling it by truck or rail.

But the dangers of the pipeline did not make the main list of reasons why it was rejected, here is Obama's statement from last week,

a crude summary is:

First:  The pipeline would not make a meaningful long-term contribution to our economy
Second:  The pipeline would not lower gas prices for American consumers.
Third:  Shipping dirtier crude oil into our country would not increase America’s energy security.
Implied Fourth: America is now a global leader when it comes to taking serious action to fight climate change.  
And frankly, approving this project would have undercut that global leadership.  
And that’s the biggest risk we face -- not acting.

I agree with his assertion that the xl keystone pipeline has been over politicized and received far disproportionate attention vs it's importance to the US, Alberta is a different matter.
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Great place. I love the Eastern European element given my Polish heritage. Even those who aren't so invested in this type of cuisine/atmosphere will really enjoy it.
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It's a nice and quiet, cool place with the right atmosphere.
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