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Andy Crestodina

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YouTube Cards: New (Mobile Friendly) Calls-To-Actions in Video
By video super-pro +Amy Schmittauer. Thanks, Amy!
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Thanks +Andy Crestodina and +Amy Schmittauer for bringing this to my attention.
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Andy Crestodina

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Marketers in Chicago, Toronto, NYC and Boston! Get your Conversion Road Trip tickets before Monday's early bird deadline (after that, they'll double in price):

#CRO   #conversionrateoptimization   #conversionoptimization   #marketing   #events   #conference   #Toronto   #NYC   #Chicago   #Boston   #marketers  
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Andy Crestodina

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The 20 Most Expensive Ads in Bing
Yikes! Those are pricey....
via +Vahe Habeshian 
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+Andy Crestodina have you got one of these for Google too? :D
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Andy Crestodina

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55-Point Website Launch Checklist
Here's the ultimate list of everything to do before (and after) launching a website...

Thank you so much for sharing, everyone! +Martin Waxman +Matt Knolhoff +Rishi Shah +Ian Cleary +SEMrush +Joel Don +Carmen Hill +Dave Thackeray +Stephanie Walker +Ed Mayuga +Hana Guenzl +Mitch Rezman 
Here is Orbit's website launch checklist. Actually, this is a combination of several checklists related to launching websites
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Great post, Andy! :) 
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Andy Crestodina

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Good one. Thanks for sharing this, +Joey Giangola!
Do You Always Need to Listen To It?

We love it and we hate it. It tells us what we want to know and what we don't.

We want it to right and we want it to be wrong. 

But the real question is are we using it to tell us the right things?

From analytics to certification to social "proof" the "P" word is all around us these days and the question is if all proof is created equal?

That's why +Andy Crestodina is here this week to find out if we've created a monster whose roar is louder than it's bite.

Today we are going to go deep, rattle some cages and improve your proof

Join me,+Joey Giangola  for this new adventure. 

You can learn more about  +Andy Crestodina   for yourself at

Join The Hangout (No Seriously, For Real, Like on Camera)

We are going to try something "fearless" in the hangout world and bring on the person each week who asks the best fearless question in the event page. 

If you want a chance to ask your question to Andy face to face, start submitting your questions now. Use the hashtag #CameraReady  after your question so I know you're willing/able to come on the show and ask it.

If your question gets the most +1's we will invite you to join us in the hangout for the last few minutes.

Can't Make It Live and Don't Want to Miss Another Fearless Question?
Subscribe whatever way makes you feel good.



This Hangout On Air is hosted by Fearlessly Questioning. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Fearlessly Questioning Proof with Andy Crestodina
Thu, February 19, 2:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Thank +Andy Crestodina, I'm highly anticipating the most methodical set of fearless answers in show history.  
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Andy Crestodina

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Online Networking Guide: 35 Ways to Connect with Anyone
If you're not making friends, you're doing it wrong. Here's the step-by-step on connecting with anyone using social media...

Thanks for the shares and comments everyone! Here I'm "crossing the streams"

+Tommy Landry +Elena Verlee +Heidi Cohen +David Deal +Hana Guenzl +Mike Hale +Brad Farris +Christine Gnass +Dara Schulenberg +Tom Bowen +Rob Biesenbach +Jack Hadley +Darcy Schuller +Andy Friedman +Jeff Fagel +Rosemary O'Neill +Adam Franklin +Avelo Roy and +Ian Cleary
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i am from india .I need your help .I happen to see your comment in a site about the upgrade /update xperia c to lollipop.I am Currently using that phone but i am not able to complete the survey,so if you hav completed the survey will u please share the recieved file in google drive 
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Andy Crestodina

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Andy Crestodina

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Post-Apocalypse Real Estate
This underground bunker looks pretty nice...
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Wow. They could use that in the Walking Dead! They just need some food. Of course, if it was the Walking Dead universe, that bunker would only last one season. Even so, very cool! 
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Andy Crestodina

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Ocean Gravity
Beautiful free dive video...
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Andy Crestodina

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Quick little Q&A with a few solid marketing insights...
Here is the latest Talking Content Marketing with +Andy Crestodina We get comfy talking about getting found, investing time into keywords and what tools to use.
Talking Content Marketing welcomes Andy Crestodina from Orbit Media. Our conversation focuses on search (and being found). Six questions, six answers.
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That's nice keep up the good work 
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Andy Crestodina

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Find (and Fix) the Leaks in You Lead Generation Funnel...
Some content builds awareness, pulling your audience in toward you. Other writing compels your audience to act, building trust. Specific content affects specific parts of the funnel.

Thanks for the shares and comments, people!
+Barry Feldman +Heidi Cohen +Ricardo Bueno +Raul Colon +Jeff Domansky +Mike Hale +Hana Guenzl +Annalisa Hilliard +John Gregory Olson +Anne Reuss +Michael Gerard +Deana Goldasich +SEMrush and +Jon-Mikel Bailey 
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This was a great breakdown +Andy Crestodina! It's simple to understand and helpful for diagnosing and fixing the leak(s).
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Andy Crestodina

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18 Expert Tips On How To Land An Inbound Marketing Job

Experts: +John Doherty, +Neil Patel, +Joe Pulizzi, +Lee Odden, +Ian Cleary+Mike Volpe, +Pete Meyers, +Jon Cooper+Bryan Adams+Cyrus Shepard+Tim Grice+Brian Halligan+Mark Schaefer+Ann Handley+Paul Roetzer+Jay Baer, and +Andy Crestodina.
We spoke to 18 leading inbound marketing experts about what advice they would give to a complete beginner to the industry. Read on to hear their thoughts!
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  • University of Iowa
    Asian Language & Literature: Mandarin Chinese, 1990 - 1996
  • Peking University
    Hanyu Zhongxin, 1996
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Other names
Andrew Crestodina
Chicago web strategist, co-founder of Orbit Media, speaker, author and environmentalist.
Web strategist, speaker, author, environmentalist and Chicagoan.

Andy is a top-rated speaker at national marketing conferences and author of Content Chemistry, the Illustrated Handbook for Content Marketing

He is also the co-founder and Strategic Director of Orbit Media Studios, an award-winning, 38-person web design firm in Chicago. Since 2001, Andy has provided web strategy advice to more than 1000 businesses. 

I write about web marketing:

I'm also an environmentalist, SCUBA diver and piano lesson taker. 

  • Authored hundreds of articles on web marketing for the Orbit blog and other sites including Copyblogger, Spin Sucks, Marketing Profs, Social Media Examiner and The Guardian
  • Featured in media outlets including Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Mashable, Chicago Sun-Times and American Express OPEN
  • Listed as Chicago Tech 50 (Crains), Top 100 Content Marketing Experts (onanalytica), Top 100 Digital Marketing Thought Leaders (adSpringr)

Recent Speaking Engagements
  • Social Media Marketing World
  • Content Marketing World
  • University of Chicago: Booth School of Business
  • Content Jam
  • Business Marketing Association
  • Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce
  • Medill School (Northwestern University), Loyola, DePaul

Favorite Topics
  • Content Marketing
  • Web Strategy
  • Search Marketing / SEO
  • Social Media
  • Web Analytics
  • Entrepreneurship

  • Speaks Mandarin Chinese: BA in Asian Language and Literature, University of Iowa
  • Co-founder of Chicago Cause, donating $32,000+ worth of marketing services to local nonprofits
  • Certified Chicago Treekeeper
  • Former Docent, Chicago Architecture Foundation (2001-2008)
Bragging rights
Google Analytics Certified (GAIQ), I speak at major conferences and teach web marketing. Volunteer work: Docent for the Chicago Architecture Foundation (2001-2008). Chicago Treekeeper #992.
Strategic Director, Co-Founder
Content Strategy, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Blogging, Analytics
  • Orbit Media, Chicago IL
    Strategic Director, 2001 - present
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Chicago, IL
Iowa City, IA - Beijing, China
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4043 N Ravenswood Ave #316, Chicago, IL 60613
Twice the doctors at Chicago Veterinary Emergency have saved my cats. On the first occasion, my beloved "Buddy" was very very sick and I had no idea why. I rushed him in the early morning hours and he was quickly diagnosed as dehydrated and diabetic. They put him on a machine that continually monitored his blood sugar levels as they gradually found the right level of medication for my orange little friend. As soon as Buddy was stable, they recommended moving him to my regular vet to keep my costs down, for which I was very grateful. Buddy lived for another seven happy years, thanks to the doctors at CVESC ...and twice daily shots of insulin The second occasion was years later. My new cat ("Cricket," who is also orange) somehow managed to skin the end of his tail in a door late one evening. I knew exactly where to take him. Yes, there was a wait to be seen by a doctor. But that's expected in any emergency room, where a critical situation can walk in the door (on four legs) anytime. Cricket had an emergency amputation by Dr. Fredrickson and today, he's a happy cat with a short tail and without a care in the world. Realistic expectations, excellent follow up and a genuine care for animals. I'm just so glad to know that there's a place to take a sick or injured pet, day or night, for expert care. It's incredible how many types of situations they deal with. And they do it all with true compassion and real expertise. A huge thanks to all the doctors at CVESC, from me and my cats. Five stars.
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Years ago, I came across a beautiful little piece of music that inspired me to try taking piano lessons again. But I couldn't find the sheet music for it. I was about to give up when I came across a music school in my neighborhood. I walked in and asked if they could introduce me to someone who could transcribe it. After listening to a bit of the piece, I was told that any of the teachers there could do it. "Would you like us to teach it to you?" My answer was yes. That was almost four years ago. Since then, I've learned to play music that I've loved and admired since I was a kid. Basically, I tell my teacher what I want to learn and then I learn it. I'm a very busy person and there are times when I don't have time to practice for several weeks. I'm never made to feel guilty. In those cases, I go to my lesson anyway, and it becomes a "practice lesson" or it might turn into a lesson about history or music theory. ACM is a break from everything else I do in life. It's personal development without pressure. It's another way of thinking. It keeps me grounded. My ears, my hands and my mind are all very grateful that I found this school...
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