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Purchasing google apps for business directly through google or via a reseller? 
I am about to convert my very small company to google apps for business.
My question is: will I receive adequate support from google directly or should I go through a reseller? I cannot quite understand if the reseller will charge me for support or if they will just direct me to google for my support?
I think my biggest issue will be setting up the email. I already use calendar, drive.
I also have concerns/questions about getting certain account info migrated from a gmail account
Thank you for any information!

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super cool image of NYC

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Very excited about Kurzweil coming to Google!
You should watch this: How Google's Ray Kurzweil will teach computers to understand human language

I'll be getting my nexus 4 phone in a couple days (ordered on US Play store 12/14-just before they went out of stock!). Very excited and this forum is a great place for ideas. Question: I have a personal gmail account but in about a week I will be switching my business email and apps to Google apps. Should I wait to start up the nexus 4 and enter Google account info until the business Google account is up and running? The business account will be how I wish to be identified within the Google ecosphere. I appreciate any info!

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I want to ditch my fax line. The only time I use it is to receive signed contracts from customers--a tiny but crucial segment of my communication needs. What alternative solutions to a conventional fax machine and fax line are others using? I'd like to be landline-free.
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