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Andy Bryant

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Croix de l'Izon photosphere with the Reco5 crew from #Ut4M  - you can see most of the key trail points from here on a good day - which reminds me... I need to come back on a good day, perhaps for sunrise
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Andy Bryant

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The Garage hélicoïdal is a superb multi-story Art Déco car park in Grenoble, and a magnet for photographers... and as such... super hard to find a new angle or perspective on the place, especially when you only have a few minutes on a tour to find a spot (and wait for other photographers to pass :)...

More info on the garage

Available to see on a walk of interesting architectural spots from +GRENOBLE TOURISME 
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Remarkable... like a cathedral for cars... "Sanctuary! Sanctuary!"
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Andy Bryant

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A historic shop sign from downtown Grenoble...Fabrique et Magasin au 1er etage - Geneva Watches  #city #sign  
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Andy is now a Grenoble tour operator :) unbelieveable and now that you know Grenoble better than some natives you have no excuse not to speak french fluently...
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Andy Bryant

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Lac Noir just under the Taillefer on the #Ut4M  trail from my reco last weekend.
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The light is better in the next one from my viewpoint. .. !
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Andy Bryant

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The Lac Brouffier shines emerald green from just the right angle when the sun comes out. 

I camped at the lake overnight last Friday before heading up the take a look at the Pas de la Vache above.

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Andy Bryant

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Sunset at Lac du Brouffier... I wasn't expecting much having seen the clouds building as I was on my way up to the lake, but then the sun decided to put on a #sunset show.

Amazing lights... Night one of a 2 night trek through the mountains... more to come.

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Andy Bryant

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#Ut4M  held Reco5 today on the last section of the course. I met up with them at Fort St Eynard, then again at the Bastille. 

Should be a monumental race (or rather series of races... there's now 2 40km races, a 90km race, the 160km, and the 160km relay, not forgetting the 1km vertical up to the Plateau Arselle)
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Andy Bryant

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The Sheepist in Grenoble...

  #graffiti   #graffitiart  
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Andy Bryant

commented on a post on Blogger.
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Nice find Dan; although it's a pity to have to regulate the native panel voltage to 5V then up-convert back to 7.4V to charge the battery.  You lose so much in efficiency. The Nomad 7 can put out 6-6.5V, 1.0A max (6W), not regulated on the Guide-10 port, but this isn't quite enough to charge directly; and the 12V output is step-up converted and rather weak.

Hopefully when USB 3.1 with Power Delivery 2.0 over a USB C connector starts to make it's way into solar panels and USB batteries, then we'll be able to make use of the higher voltages / currents to get a more efficient transfer from solar to camera battery.

USB 3.1 / PD 2.0 will give us options for 12V at 1.5A, 3A or 5A (or 5V at 2A)
Modern technology is awesome, but it sucks to be tethered all the time. As much as we depend on our gadgets, and especially our cameras, we what outdoor photographers, adventurers and travelers really long for is to be able to run … Continue reading →
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Yup. Agreed. 
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Andy Bryant

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Col de l'Arc close to Pic st Michel on the Edge of the Vercors

Refreshed an old 360 panorama / photosphere to improve it with more recent tools (and a bit more experience)... 
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Clean !good job
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Andy Bryant

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The Plateau des Lacs under the Taillefer is full of lakes (not surprisingly) - some of which can be relied on to offer reflections, depending on the amount of wind in play at the time.

I camped at Lac de Agneau because that's where I was the night before when the thunderstorms hit ;)

Which one of these three images do you prefer?
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A fine triplet. I prefer the one to the left, I guess it is the clouds that does it.
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Andy Bryant

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Req: Disable when in driving mode

I bought Nav Me to use when my phone is in my pocket and I'm walking. When driving I have my phone in a holder, so don't need notifications on my watch.

Is there a way to only have Nav Me run for walking directions? 
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I have set too, but not work properly. Me Nav will start the same.
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Nice relaxed local pub with character and a wide selection of local & foreign beers. Perfect for relaxed discussions with friends.
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
Perfect Timothy Taylor Landlord, plenty of other superb ales, awesome fish and chips, a view onto the river, a dash of Sir Ian McKellen and a good infusion of history. The only thing that would make this pub better would be if they stopped serving continental larger...
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
Nice looking hotel, but the drinks are expensive, the beds hard as a rock, and the maids or the hotel systems keep resetting the room temperature to 23 degrees. Every day I knock out down a few degrees to sleep, but when I get back the thermostat is set up to 23 again. Not a good temperature for sleeping.
Public - 5 months ago
reviewed 5 months ago
Very unimpressed with the pizza... Base was thick and doughy, not well cooked, and the toppings fairly uninspiring.
Public - 6 months ago
reviewed 6 months ago
77 reviews
Old boat with generator issues. We booked the king Edward for dinner and cruise. The power went out several times, delaying dinner device to 10pm, and even with that they were only able to serve one option. No redeeming features, unless you want to feel like you're in an episode of faulty towers.
Public - 5 months ago
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Had been wanting to visit the Cinnamon Club for years, and discovered that we were close to the Cinnamon Kitchen, so booked a table for myself and 7 colleagues. Everything was full of flavors, some familiar, others not so, but all great. All was great!
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Pretty reasonable pre train nosh just outside the station. Had the tagliatelle carbonara, which was good.
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reviewed 8 months ago