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YA Writer, Winter Spirit, Board Game Geek, and Harmlessly Crazy Person...
YA Writer, Winter Spirit, Board Game Geek, and Harmlessly Crazy Person...

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It's too hot to go out playing Go, so I'm messing around indoors instead. New Shaymin-inspired avatar created at

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Watched The God of Cookery tonight after finding it on a list of strange movies that are on Netflix. Highly recommend it to anyone who likes bizarre comedies.

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Billy Joe Shaver isn't a household name, but he's been one of my favorite songwriters since I was a kid. When I was a teen, I saw him live. I was amazed he was still playing gigs. That was over twenty years ago and it looks like he's still going strong. His son, sadly, is not still with us. Eddy was amazing to watch; he smoked the entire time, while playing guitar, and I have no idea how he managed it so seamlessly.

Note: +Jimmy Brokaw​​​​, Billy Joe's going to be in DC next week...

We have a homeschool review tomorrow. I was informed today. Apparently, the downside to notice no longer being a thing is that no one notifies you that notice is no longer a thing.

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I've been agonizing over the issue of "Can a white person write a minority" due to Aniu, my were-polar bear. If I make her white, I've just whitewashed her. If I keep her Alaska Native, I may offend someone. Her specific tribe is imaginary (they're all polar bears) but related to the Inupiat. I worry that when I say that Aniu's mother is unhappy with her daughter's lesbianism, someone may confuse this with me trying to say Alaska Natives are homophobic. (Their traditional cultures are actually very accepting, but many were converted to rather conservative Christianity, and Aniu's mother is in that crowd.) So maybe I should say Aniu's mother is descended from the white missionaries, and make Aniu at least half white? I really don't know, and the worry is making it kinda hard to write.

I'm toying with the idea that Aniu's mother is white and her father Native. But maybe that's a lame compromise?
We live in a world where someone takes a webcomic strip that agrees with the worldview they want to project and say "This." As if it's the most powerful statement anyone can say. The world is too complex for such simplistic, knee-jerk meme sharing.

Lines of attack like this are being used on people who are actually minority individuals. It happened to an author friend of mine - the attack claimed they were a straight white male "cashing in."

So we agree as a society that white people can't write people of colour. Then the next step is to say, well, so-and-so is Asian. He can't write a black character. Then, so-and-so is cisgender. She can't write a transgender character - or the reverse. So-and-so is Christian. Xe can't write a Muslim character.

Then: you can't play a Vulcan, because you're a human.

The alt-right is led by people who are actually quite smart and capable of spreading damaging ideas and lines of reason. They actually want this, too. They don't want white straight males (who are frankly in the majority of novel sales) creating stories that empower minority groups and inspire them to write. Or inspire young minds with heroes and cultures, giving them the power to reject empty racist arguments. The business of mythmaking is a serious one.

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Zakara deemed me worthy of being sat on today. Happy Caturday to me!

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Yoodling and chickens! What more could you ask for?

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Oh... Very cool new information on my favorite big cats!

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Sone of these actually look quite a bit like me. I was very happy with the varity of hair colors. :)

🎨 Turn yourself into stickers at

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These are some really reasonable rates for editing, if you've been more productive than I have recently and have something in need of editing. :)
I've been tinkering with how I word my editing advertisements. Maybe I'm not mentioning specifics enough, the good benefits, etc? I need the gigs now more than ever since I'm moving, so here goes something new that might be a bit more attractive:

I edit ANY and ALL genres (even non-fiction), as well as ANY length. The following rates all come with full content and developmental editing, grammar, and as many re-reads until your book is where you want it. In general I ask for a down payment of 30% of whatever rate bracket your story goes in, which is determined by word count, so that I can immediately add you to my queue (which is "will start immediately" since my well is relatively dry aside from two projects, lol). Following the down payment, we can work out biweekly or even bimonthly payment plans, that way you're not breaking the bank. +Linda Teppler and +Adam Boenig are both current clients, and can both vouch for me. Here are the rates:

85,000 to 100,000 words: $800 ($240 down payment)
70,000 to 84,000 words: $700 ($210 down payment)
55,000 to 69,000 words: $600 ($180 down payment)
40,000 to 54,000 words: $500 ($150)
25,000 to 39,000 words: $400 ($120)
0 to 24,999 words: $250 (or less, depending on exact length)
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