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YA Writer, Winter Spirit, Board Game Geek, and Harmlessly Crazy Person...
YA Writer, Winter Spirit, Board Game Geek, and Harmlessly Crazy Person...


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Yesterday, I took off writing unexpectedly. I'd stayed up Late Wednesday night playing games and drinking Fireball, so didn't even get out of bed until noon and never actually felt awake.

Today should have been better, but thanks to shoulder and neck pain, I slept poorly and was groggy all morning. It was noon before I wrote anything, and then I wrote slowly.

So over the last two days, I have only managed 2,316 words. But I'm still at 35,818 overall. Which puts me close enough to 50k to be thinking hard about how I need to get to my end point.

Also, there was nearly a cat fight today. I'm a little disappointed that cooler heads managed to extract my MC before she could tear into her love interest's ex.

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What is this moisture in my eyes?

Looks like I'm only getting 1,612 words today, thanks to my dental appointment. It not only took time, but the numbing stuff proved very distracting after I got home. And now my jaw is sore... BUT, I wrote the arrival of the faerie kittens! And I dropped a bomb. And tomorrow is looking good. Besides, at 33,503 total I'm still well on track to finish before the end of the month. :)

And the faerie kittens are born! But now I'm at the dentist. Moop.

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So, today I wrote 4,554 words. My all time daily record is around 5k, so I'm pretty happy about this. I passed my 30k goal to end the day at 31,890. And tomorrow I get to write about kittens! Faerie kittens even! Yay kittens!

(img by Melissa Dawn)

Know how I said I wanted to pass 30k today but worried it would be tomorrow when I actually did it? I'm at 30,551, baby! And going to go on for another hour or so at least. :)

Despite today not feeling productive, I managed to write 2,528 words in Faerie Story, bringing my total for the novel up to 27,336. Tomorrow, I'm going to try to hit 30k, although it's probably more reasonable to expect that to happen Wednesday.

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Today has been quite crap so far, but I can see a rainbow.

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