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Wow. Penny for NASA, eh?
I'd like to interrupt your hopefully quiet evening with this startling set of numbers:

NASA Education Budget: $100 million (2013 request)
McDonald's Happy Meal marketing Budget: $92 million (2011 actual)

In 2012, as NASA slashes its education budget, McDonalds is looking to increase its Happy Meal marketing.

Can I have a side of fries with my less educated future?


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So, so great.
An epic tale of router conquest and glory.
Two of my very favorite lines include:
"But then one gray morning did Internet Explorer 6 no longer load The Google"
"...with a resounding click he opened Internet Explorer 6 and gazed deep into its depths, past the Yahoo toolbar, the MSN toolbar, the toolbar, and the AOL toolbar..."
Thanks to Guy Kawaski for finding this gem!

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If you like Words with Friends, I don't think you'll like the latest update:

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Bipedal robots are coming, and they've got swagger.

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If you played SimCopter as a kid, this will bring back some great memories.
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