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Help - Need Hashtag Suggestion for Terrible Browser Experience

If a link is inappropriate for a work environment we use things like NSFW

I am sick of clicking a link to a supposedly interesting article and ending up on with it's interstitials and poorly rendered overlays which frequently break navigation.

I am looking for a suitable #hashtag  to warn people of a bad user experience when clicking a link

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Much more logical to be able to track app >> web >> app navigation and interaction in the same reporting interface.
At the same time extremely important to do the same with raw data either building your own from scratch, or using maybe or
Understanding User Behavior in a Multi-Device World

In this constantly connected world, users can interact with your business across many digital touchpoints: websites, mobile apps, web apps, and other digital devices. So to help you understand what users do in the increasingly diverse digital landscape, we’re enabling you to view web and app data from the same reporting view. This will be rolling out to all accounts over the next week.

Analyze app and web data in the same reporting view
Any data you send to the same property appears in all of the reporting views, regardless of how you collected that data. This means that if you send data from the web or from a mobile app to one property, both data sets appear in your reports. 

If you want to isolate data from one source, like if you only want to see web data in your reports, you can set up a filter to customize what you see. You can also use other tools to isolate each data set, including customizations in standard reports, dashboards, custom reports, and secondary dimensions. 

Measure web apps
We’ve also added some new app-specific fields to the analytics.js JavaScript web collection library, including screen name, app name, app version, and exception tracking. These changes allow the JavaScript tracking code to take advantage of the app tracking framework, so you can more accurately collect data on your web apps.

How these changes affect you
This product change can affect you in different ways, based on how your account is set up and what kind of data you collect and send to Google Analytics. 

The Visitors web metric and Active Users app metric are now unified under the same name, Users. And, Visits are now referred to as Sessions everywhere in all of Google Analytics. We’ll be making these changes starting today, and rolling them out incrementally over the next week. 

If you collect and send both web and app hits to one property in your Google Analytics account, all your hits will appear in all your reporting views starting today. If you want to keep your web and app data separate, you need to add a filter to your reporting views. 

If you don’t send web and app data to the same property in your account, your data stays the same. 

Everyone, however,  will see the unified metric, dimension, and segment names in their reports.  

Until today, some metrics and dimensions used different names in app views and in web views, even though they presented the exact same data. Now, all metric, dimensions, and segment names are the same, regardless if they’re used for web or app data. This gives you a clear and consistent way to analyze and refer to all of your Google Analytics data. 

Our developer site has more information on these changes:

Read the full list of dimension and metric names:
App / Screen Tracking developer guide:
Exception Tracking developer guide:

Posted by +Nick Mihailovski, Product Manager

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SEO Myths Stomped By +Matt Cutts 

Takes on Guest blogging, Link Wheels and other magic solutions, as well as things like buying ads from Google to rank.

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Interesting video about the backend process creating +Google Webmasters videos.

They do research the videos in advance - sometimes people question whether the answer is just Matt's version of things.

Most videos are done in a single take

No mention of a teleprompter or Matt forgetting his lines on occasion

Interesting release process as well - no mention of the content being in some way "vetted" internally before it is released.
I suppose if video is siting in a backlog for sometimes 10 months before release then there is the opportunity to chose the most appropriate.

Also some tips on equipment, lighting etc

Featuring +Matt Cutts
Today's video is about how we make these videos.

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Screen Capture (by Google) Is Now Junk

Instead of scraping everyone else's reviews, you would think Google would better integrate their own into +Google+ 
I just gave their screen capture plugin a 1* review because it is now totally broken, and I am certainly not alone in that opinion.

This started as a very useful tool.

Then it became almost totally broken, creating a graphic in a browser (sometimes) that you had to manually still save.

Now it seems totally broken - manual activation doesn't work at all, and it seems impossible to assign hotkeys.

Even though the review system uses my Google ID and links through to my Google+ account, the review itself doesn't get linked on my Google+ profile, and I wasn't given the opportunity to share my review on Google+

I can't even give you a permalink to my review on the plugin because of course Google across all their products seem to be averse to permalinks pointing to individual contributions.

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There are at least 5 LOLs in this one even if you don't get some of the more subtle references

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Slightly sad that at time of sharing 8pm CET this only has 4 shares on G+

↑↑↓↓←→←→BA Enter

Also note that it was also a useful proof that you can still rank for hidden text on a page -

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Have you ever wanted to have a cleaner spam box?
This method guarantees you see messages from +Google Webmasters 

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A really in depth look at campaign tagging and issues from Annie
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