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Andy Baudoin
A front-end dev guy with a beautiful wife and son
A front-end dev guy with a beautiful wife and son

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Best video of the day.

Post has attachment finally has a Google+ page!

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Blue Beanie Day!

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Let's see if these Google+ business pages take off.

Reserve your name on Remix!

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Seth Godin, my mentor and friend, is offering a profile on his blog and $10,000 if someone matches and donates bone marrow to me.

Getting tested is super easy and free. They mail you a kit, you cotton swab your cheek and mail it back. Even if it doesn't help me, it could save someone's life.

Seth's offer:

Get a free test kit:

Seth, you're my hero.

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Nice grid framework but also a list of some pretty essential tools.
Full CSS fluid squares without images hack or javascript.

My circle of infinite web wisdom.

Andy Baudoin shared a circle with you.

So what's the official pronunciation of Bon Iver. I've heard it so many ways that it's driving me crazy.
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