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Andy Baio
I make web stuff.
I make web stuff.

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So, uh, Twitter is down.  Anything interesting happening over here?

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Having a strange issue with the Google+ Search API. Any Googlers out there able to help, or anyone able to confirm?

Want to help me research a blog post? Go to this page and tell me all the non-Google apps with access to Gmail or "Full Account Access":

Thank you!

Google geeks: What's the quickest way to get to the Google Dashboard from any Google page? (i.e. this page: Quickest I can find: Privacy link in the footer (won't work on G+ or Reader), click "Privacy Tools" in the nav, then "Google Dashboard."

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I'll be on this call at 9am PST tomorrow, if you're interested in the near future of ThinkUp!
Thinkup RC 1.0, Google Plus Plugin for Thinkup and more
Unlike some things in life, you have a say in what happens with Thinkup and you can be heard by (or just listen to) the developers including +Andy Baio and the amazing +Gina Trapani who created Thinkup all those date('U') ago!

It happens once a month when the moon is properly aligned, and that happens to be tomorrow, Wednesday at 12 Noon Eastern USA, 9AM Pacific Time. On the site below are the magic incantations to become one with the Thinkup community:

Skype: Dial +990009369991481492 (it's free call - but wait until the conference is on or you'll be lectured by a bot to call again later)– You can use SIP clients like Blink, X-Lite, Jitsi but again, only when the conference is active.
Talk on IRC anytime at #thinkup on

Spread the word!

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Quick poll for all my Google+ peeps:

1. Did you know that your whole Google search history and YouTube video history is online and searchable here?
2. Do you care?

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I thought Heello was just a Twitter clone, but it's quickly evolving into a parallel-universe version of Twitter, with alternate-reality versions of @ev, @cnnbrk, and more.
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