Quick question - Are there any photography consultants out there?

Increasingly photographers are reaching out to me for insights about how to further their careers - I'm keen to point these colleagues in the direction of smart consultants who can help them improve their work when I'm not able to do the job myself or when they're looking for assistance that falls outside my wheelhouse.

I'm always interested in helping photographers improve their practice and want my recommendation to be as useful as possible, so am hoping you can help me out.

If you're a photo consultant interested in sharing your work with a wider audience, drop me a line and let me know your specific areas of expertise and/or the types of photo clients you're most accustomed to working with. Naturally, I'll do my best to make smart connections that are good for you and the artists that need your help.

Feel free to message me via my Profile or via http://FlakPhoto.com/contact

Thank you!
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