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Last chance to grab a free EE sim 
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Hmm, I don't get it. EE don't do any PAYG 4G plans and don't have any plans to until at least 2014 so the only way to use it is to sign up for a SIM only 12 month contract which comes with a free SIM anyway...
I dont get it. What is the point? You have 4g which does speeds of broadband but you can only use 5gb per month. My 3g speeds arent bad plus i get truely unlimited of those. When 3 opens 4g they told me as it always has been it will be all you can eat. So as i dip between spectrums of signal ill still be able to do it on the move plus if i can do tethering i wont need a home wifi supplier. Providing i can get 4g at home. 
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