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£449 sim free for the Nexus 4!
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Disgusting. Been trying to get an N4 since before launch, and now this.
HTC can have my money, I'm fed up of this "out of inventory" bull and the rumours of LG halting production. If I was any madder I would go buy an iPhone5, no problems getting hold of one of them!!!! :(
How can the CPW get away with this??? Where are trading standards? They sold my info to a third party (which Vodafone sold to them, as I have always delt directly with Vodafone!!!) and now I get called at least once a month from these people claiming to represent the CPW and Vodafone, which they don't. My friend on talk talk has had no internet for nearly a year because they say its a BT problem and BT say its they're problem but nothing has been done. These people deserve to be shut down or boycotted. It will be a cold day in hell before I set foot in one of their stores. 
What! Thats more than a SIM free Galaxy S3! Rampant profiteering. LG / Google do need to sort out their stock levels though. I am one of the lucky ones but even Nexus 7 docks are hard to come by, it can only hurt the Nexus brand :-(
They must have a bit of a feel how popular their nexus stuff is, so make loads of it! Considering the prices for the nexus 7and 4 compared to other similar devices, people are really interested, plus the ppl who are jumping ship from HTC and Samsung to get a pure android device, Google aren't helping themselves.
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