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Sky Go updated. Now supports a few more devices and download of content. 
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I'm sure Sky is going to go the same way as HMV and Blockbusters soon. There digital model is rubbish and they will have trouble keeping people at this rate.
£5 for content we already pay more than enough for, what a joke, after the 2 month free period I am out!
app not compatable with galaxy tab2 7.0, when I signed up I don't ever remeber agreeing to having to use an ipad/iphone to use the full services. £5 on top of my already over priced monthly service, I don't think so sky, only hope +Virgin Media hurry up and make their service available here shortly.
+Stephen Postlethwaite just so you are aware Virgin is just as bad, I've had three friends who have left Sky for Virgin and they moan about it all the time. internet speed issues lack of HD, Sky F1 Channel etc etc. Personally I think its time to try using on demand services more like Roku ( or maybe Google TV when it eventual identifies itself in the market place.
£5? No chance. I already pay them a king's ransom.
Hey Colin, if you call them up and tell them you cant afford it anymore, they usually offer a discount! Just Haggle man, they don't wanna lose you
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