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Carphone have more appealing nexus 4 deal 
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Im sorry its orange, its not free. I recently went in to a shop to ask about 4g. the response I got from the sales man that felt like a blanket claim you dont need unlimited data..... I currently use 3 as I can to the best of my knowlege never use my wifi at home or anywhere and get internet. granted there are still some dead spots on the 3s coverage but I like the fact I dont have to care how much internet I am usuing, this being the same argument for my home internet usage.
back in the days of dial up I remember a site called freenet (no longer running) being a service you could connect to for unlimited internet.

yes for the companies it costs money but to the same end they are asking me for money, I want the free availability to use the internet when and how I see fit, not faf about with my settings to use my wifi when Im at home or rudely ask a friend for their wifi password.
it is rude and I have a massive problem with it because people have limits on their internet and I would much rather pay for my surfing.
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