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Hello all. After a little thought I'm going to try something out and see how it goes. Google + is a great way to communicate with people, you get lots of discussion here and feedback both good and bad. I'm going to use this page to blog, it will certainly be different from using a website but I think it looks better and when I'm out and about using a tablet here is far better than Wordpress.

I don't think there is much that can go wrong, It could turn out be a great idea or a complete flop, time will tell. I'd also love to get some feedback from you guys too, would you prefer to have everything here without the need for clicking a link to a website?

Please do let me know!
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Google+ seems like a good place to blog to me.
Yes its better reading directly here instead of clicking, especially on phone.
May be worth posting links to the g+ posts on your old site for a short while just to catch some stragglers
I'd probably be more inclined to post stuff in here as it's quicker and suits a smaller, brief news item.
I gather all my news etc into flipboard,and Google+ merges in well
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