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Facebook refuse UK security services access to WhatsApp messages There's a lot of unease at the moment with the ability for people to use the internet and apps such as WhatsApp without the worry of people snooping in on what you're doing. That's fair enough but how should it go when we're dealing with little shits that want to or already have murdered innocent men, woman and children at concerts or on a evening out in London?

Surely these fuckers don't have any rights to privacy when they are now lying on a slab in little bits after murdering children holding balloons and singing songs? Surely if they are in custody after trying to stab police officers they have given up any right to have their personal life secure from the security services? Their messages could hold the key to preventing other innocents from being murdered so why are Facebook so intent on telling the British government no?

A Ms Sandberg will be meeting with the British Home Secretary tomorrow where not only will she be telling her not to the messages but any requests in the future will be pointless when the new Technical Capability Notices are drawn up. These are designed to give law enforcement powers to demand the likes of WhatsApp, Google and others to hand over data as and when requested.

Facebook say that they can't get access to the encrypted data. Call me cyclical but I'm calling that utter bollocks. Why would they say no to requests in the first place. Instead though Facebook are getting in on the virtue signalling bandwagon. They're going to try and stamp out hate speech. Hate speech? Have governments been putting something in the water that is making some so utterly pathetic that being called a name results in the police knocking on your door for a chat?

I'm all for everyone saying what they want and in what fashion but let's draw the line when someone walks in to a building and blows himself up with a bag packed full of nuts and bolts because other people are having fun.

In comparison. A British council was quick to set up a follows on a family for a number of weeks to make sure they said they lived in the right area regarding their school place application. The BBC (I can't stand the BBC) can use anti terror laws to see what you're watching and how.

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App update - Starling The mobile only bank is coming on leaps and bounds since it was first released in beta a few months back. In the update that is rolling out today the development team have pushed out the much anticipated Spending Highlights feature that shows you where your money is going and how much.

All you payments are grouped by various categories such as Groceries, Travel, Eating Out and more. Each also had a little bar and a percentage to show where you biggest spends go. Tapping on each category will also show you what merchants have been taking your money, the Merchants tab also does the same thing.

If you're not happy with where something has been bundled with you can always change it as per the image below. You can't edit the categories mind, you can only change where it sits.

For those that haven't yet made the change or maybe you don't know who Starling are take a look at their website here -

#Fintech #Banking #Mobile 
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Financial Times: Google faces big fine in first EU case against search practices.

The headline should instead read The EU really don't like successful US tech firms

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Mobile network Three fined after service failure put 999 calls at risk. This could have been a big deal and hopefully the fine and bad press will have made sure it doesn't happen again.

A 999 call could be a matter of life or death. There's no other way of putting it. It all came about after a network issue last year in London, Hampshire and Kent. All 999 calls were being routed through a single data center and should there have been issues there 999 calls would have failed.

If mobile networks are having issues customers should at all times still be able to make a 999 call, there should be back-up systems in place to divert calls if a network issue does occur. Thankfully nobody was effected by the issue but it does highlight the importance of these systems being in place and working.

A £1.9m fine is nothing should their systems had failed.

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The Pixel - Made By Google and HTC and LG The Pixel range is just like the Nexus devices. Each year they get someone to make them a phone. This year it look to be LG........lots of angry faces around the web about that. The only LG phone I have ever owned was the Nexus 4 and 5. Both great devices. Are they though premium phone makers? 

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Calling other EU nations is not included in the EU roaming ban Whilst being able to use your phone whilst in the EU as if you were back home will save many people a great deal of money. There are though a few exceptions to the new rule that kicks in on June 15th that might just catch some out.

If you're calling or texting a number in Spain, France, Germany or other EU member states from the UK on any UK network you're going to be charged a lot of money. It isn't covered in the new ruling so make sure you're using services like WhatsApp or Duo to keep in touch with family or friends.

Other things to keep in mind are out of bundle mins, texts and data. Whilst you can't be charged over the odds you will still pay as you would back home so make sure that you know exactly what your network charges for texts, data or minutes when you have blasted through your allowances.

Three offer some pretty good rates for out of bundle charges and for calling abroad from the UK. Vodafone are the only network to include Turkey in their roaming bundle. Vodafone and O2 charge the most to call abroad from the UK.

The new rule will apply to both those on a pay monthly account or pay a you go. 

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This is why apps like Starling Bank, Monese and others will win over customers. Make a payment on a Friday and it might not be updated on your account for days after.


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App update - Gboard If you're feeling clever you can now draw your emojis when tapping out a text or Google + update. It's in the latest version of the app and brings it up to Gboard version 6.3. Google are also proud to have 200 language varieties and the addition of suggestions and gesture typing in Hawaiian and others.

To draw your emoji just tap the drawing icon found when in the emoji menu and as you'll see it's pretty darn accurate. Yes it was a gun I started to draw.

Next up Gboard will now serve up multiple results when searching for a restaurant. Type in 'restaurants near me' when arranging a get together (press the G or arrow->magnifying glass in the suggestion strip) and Google will give you a selection to look through, call or look up in Google Maps.

Lastly to help you speed through your texts Gboard now has phrase suggestions. Type 'looking forward' and Gboard will suggest 'to' 'to' it' and so on. Available in English only to start this feature will roll out in other languages soon.

Get the update here -


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App update - Met Office Weather The best new feature on this update in my humble opinion is the ability to let the rainfall map play out how the next 24 hours and pause it so you can see just how heavy the rain is expected to be in any given location.

You will also now get a notification for a national severe weather warning and this is in addition to the current push notifications you'll be getting for saved areas. You can't turn this new notification off.

These are included with the other following changes:

With the features in this release you will be able to:
- Play and pause the rainfall maps
- Access the weather maps from the forecast details
We have fixed some bugs for an even smoother experience.
Link to our Ts&Cs in the Settings page
Push notifications for National Severe Weather Warnings affecting a saved location are automatically sent to the user. This info is now shown in the Notifications page for clarity.
The widgets have been renamed to Hourly forecast, Daily forecast and Next Rain.

Hit the link below to head over and update via Google Play.

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App update - Google Photos If Carlsberg did photo apps Google Photos would be it. The features keep getting better and better and the new archive option that is rolling out to Android, iOS and desktop is another step in the evolution of Google Photos since being stripped out of Google+.

It's a fab way to keep images and screenshots that you may not want clogging up your gallery of fun days our food. You can choose the images to be archived but Assistant will also prompt you with some that it thinks you should hide away. Don't worry though as you'll still be able to view them whenever you want by choosing the brilliantly named Archive tab in the navigation menu.

Look out for the new feature now.

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