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The World's First, Largest, and Most Friendly Android Forums!


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EarlyBird - News for Android

EarlyBird is the quickest and easiest way to keep up with late-breaking Android news, and it's powered by your friends at!

A dedicated team of real-life humans scour the Web for the best articles from the top news outlets, write concise and accurate summaries, and deliver the news in an easy-to-skim card-based format. Source links on each card make it easy to get the full story, and intuitive upvoting gestures help others find the most interesting news of the day.

You can find a web-based version of EarlyBird online at

The app is currently in beta, so please be sure to stop by the forum to share your comments and suggestions:

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The Android Forums Staff and VIPs are secretly testing a new Android News app that's in private beta.

The app is nearing its public launch, but before we can release we need your help to choose an icon. Come make your voice heard!

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Enjoy an ad-free experience at all week long, courtesy of Honor!

And be sure to check out Honor's new subforum to follow along with the exciting things the brand will announce at CES (and beyond!)

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It's #WatchfaceWednesday !

Come show off your favorite Android Wear faces of the week! 

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You've seen the promo shots, you've read the reviews, now come see what the Nexus 6P camera can do in the hands of our members!

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Happy #Nexusmas !

Conversation is starting to pick up in the new Google device subforums:
• Nexus 5X:
• Nexus 6P:
• Pixel C:

Come join the discussion and share your thoughts!

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AndroidForums moderator lunatic59 asks, What smartphone feature do you never use? 

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Have you seen Google's hypnotic new logo animation?

+Derek Ross churned out some files you can use to set the new animation as the boot animation on your rooted high-resolution device.  

Click through for downloads in various formats - for manual installation, flashing through a custom recovery, and even applying with CM's Theme Engine.

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RIP QuickPic :(

Popular Gallery app QuickPic has regrettably been sold to known adware firm, Cheetah Mobile.

Have a look through this thread for some alternatives and a download link to the last decent working version of the app before the buyout.

If you want to know why this is a bad move, check out post 43 by CrashDamage

#quickpic   #cheetahmobile   #adware

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10 months, ~15,700 views, and 200+ responses later, we finally know the name and version of Android's next version: Marshmallow, 6.0!

(Congrats @palmtree5 for calling it!)
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