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New pictures of the All New HTC One surface.
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My only gripe with this phone is the top speaker grill. Everything else is fine by me but a little symmetry wouldn't go astray. 
The bezels are fine. That's a cover.
They could have made it shorter if they got rid of the logo. 
+Vikrant Gajria There is a logo on the back. I don't know why they would move to onscreen buttons, yet not remove the useless black bar where the capacitive buttons were in the original One, though... so stupid.
+Vikrant Gajria The logo isn't there because it looks nice, the black bar is covering components that capacitive buttons used to cover up. Without the capacitive buttons, the screen hardware still needs to go under the black bar, so they can't just magically make it into more screen. This isn't a magical world; hardware has to go somewhere, they can't just make it disappear.
+Jay Sheils The capacitive buttons were sitting on top of the screen hardware. The screen needs more cables and connections than just the display itself. Under that black bar is hardware that was there even when the capacitive elements were there, but most people think that the capacitive buttons took up more space than they really did. Those buttons were TINY, and were in no way occupying 100% of the space below them, like some people seem to think. The display has to have a board attached to it, and that's what's under the black bar. For a better understanding, look here:
HTC engineers should have a done a better job and found a way to layout the internals in a way that would allow the removal of the stupid logo bezel. 
+Francisco Pelayo You're a corporate recruiter for a pharma company...  what makes you think that it's even possible given today's technology, let alone financially reasonable for mass-production? I know people want their phones to be 100% display, but that can't happen right now, given the current technology and financial limitations.
+Mark Hewitt LOL seeing you reply to everyone about how they're not an expert... Yes, less bezel is VERY possible. See Apple and Samsung. Everything is decided. 
All I want is a phone in which the entire front is display area.
+Mark Hewitt is nailing it. I cannot wait for this to be available! My wife has the HTC One and I a Nexus 4. I am in love with the hardware of the One. I will take those speaker grills anyway they put them on there they sound so good and are suppose to be even better on the All New HTC One. HTC is also doing a stand up job rolling out Android updates. I have seen and kind of helped my wife setup her Blinkfeed, but I am looking forward to having that and seeing if it is as cool as I think it is.
People complaining about the logo.  Rumors say that it's supposed to be a fingerprint scanner.
Or they could just be using last generation screens to save money with production.
How did they manage to fuck up the design on this? Looks like I'll be keeping my old One.
Worst design ever. Guess I'll be waiting awhile to replace my s3.
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