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Wow, just wow! This is the new low of Android app quality and it comes from a reputable software company. I cannot believe what I'm seeing here.

Official Activision's Call of Duty Elite app:

* Everything is fixed size. Nothing scales to screen properly. I can't even to imagine how this looks on a tab (if someone has a tablet screenshot please leave link to comments).
* They use on-screen back buttons (with iOS styling)
* Android back button is disabled! Pressing back doesn't do anything on any screen.

How did they let this one get released. I'm stunned.
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Maybe Android market should also introduce a -1 button.
I don't know if I should laugh or cry. It's, it's, it's.... sorry, no words O_o
Edit: it even blocks the back button, I can't close the app xD
Unbelievable. I've read three posts today about terrible apps. +Mike DiGiovanni mentioned the NBC app, +Cyril Mottier posted a blog post about the app Path (and linked to it on his G+ page) and now this one.
But this one seems to be the worst. Disabling the back button but an iOS-style back button? Fixed size? Who writes this kind of crap? And who did test it? Jeez!
I agree with +Peter Kuterna: -1
Android is getting more apps from major brands. They all suck.
Thats what I always say. The Android Market needs to proof apps like Apple and Microsoft is doing, to get higher quality of apps in the market !!!!

Thats really so bad for Android !!!

@Activision Publishing, Inc.: Are you really have no 20.000 Euro for a high quality app?

Sh**iiit -1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1
I don't think a strict approval process is the answer. I like that I can publish an update to my app and it's live on devices within 5 minutes, instead of waiting a month or more. Perhaps some sort of "Reviewed" stamp, like the "Top Developer" mark the market has now. Apps with this flag could be in their own section, but it wouldn't be a requirement for being in the market. There could be a periodic rolling review of new apps in a queue to get the stamp.

On the other hand, Amazon reviews apps before they are posted to their App Store, and it hasn't stopped the crap there either.
I don't think an approval process should be in place at all. That's part of what makes the Android Market so appealing for both consumers and developers - it's openness. Let app developers compete purely off of their product alone, and not an arbitrary approval process. Let the open market decide for itself what apps it values over others.
I enjoy making fun of large companies who can't get their shit together.
It makes me feel good when I compare the Apps I wrote to stuff like this... However It makes me angry when I see that Crap like this has a higher rating in the market than my app.
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