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One year ago it was difficult to find good examples of good Android design. There were the few same ones I had to use in almost all posts (like Evernote). Fast forward one year and there's no shortage of awesome apps with brilliant design. We also finally have an "Android look" for the apps. The holo theme has brought us unified look without making the platform boring. Developers take the holo and make it look their own. 

I wanted to share a selection of (non-Google) apps I love. These apps behave and look like Android apps should. There are many, many more I could include but I think this is a representative set of apps.

These are the apps I'd recommend developers and designers to use and experience before starting their design. Of course, we could probably find some problems in each of these apps but they are small compared to the overall design of each one of these.

I'd like to thank these developers and designers for making my phone better!
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Awesome list, thanks! How 'bout some tablet apps too? It makes sense though since the phone apps were the worst offenders for a long time. And with Honeycomb and ICS, a lot of the design guidance started to emerge.  If you ever do a list of tablet apps, I'm plugging +BeNote for consideration. :-)
Great to hear a Tablet list may be coming soon!
Just scrolling through the site, I can't believe some of the earlier posts I had now! I've been tempted to remove them, but realised that the "timeline" of posts in itself is a clear indicator of how Android design has evolved.
this is why the play store should have 'user playlists' for apps. there was a list of holo apps on the verge. it might be a useful thing, maybe.
Sorry for rudeness, but I hate UI in GMail/Android. Non-hideable navbar eats almost 1/3 of my 8" screen and I must to scroll messages left and right to read long lines or view embedded images,
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