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just want google to release the ota already
God knows how he found that. Pretty neat I guess but not amazing enough for me to go to the effort of installing launcher pro etc.
i wonder if the boss knows how much time his workers are fucking around with =)
You can run it from adb too: adb shell am start
+James Fancourt I was trying to find a way to launch the multi-tasking thing from swipepad and stumbled on it :s
+Gordon Murphy I'm a student, the only person's time I'm wasting is my own ^_^
nah i'm talking about the google devs that produced this cracker =)
+Gordon Murphy haha, fair enough. I don't understand why it's there seen as you can't even launch it by normal means.
ICS has some code for a feature called "Android Dreams" which are basically screensavers. The code was disabled before the 4.0 release (which just comments out the settings entry). Nyandroid and RocketLauncher are apparently part of this. We enabled the settings for CM9 just for fun, but I don't know why anyone would want a screensaver on a battery-powered device :)
Ah, so that explains what it is.
I could watch a screensaver of jiggling CM boobs while i fall asleep.... fosure.
Interesting. What's with "Should we remove everything instead to avoid a possible leak of this feature?" ?
+James Fancourt I'm guessing that's a commit message from someone at Google that was merged into CM, so in that case it looks like they really did intend for this to go out sometime later but disabled it in the meantime. Good find, +Steve Kondik.
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