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Can't believe how long it took, but it's finally [almost] here. One of the worst examples of an update to a Nexus device. Wait, nope, the worst.
Yeah, but it is VZW after all ;-)
Didn't this one also get delisted as an official ADP?
Yeah - My Sprint Gnexus shipped with 4.0.4 .. and has already had one update to fix radio issues.
I think you all are forgetting about the Xoom ...still waiting
Second worst... yakjuux variant still at 4.0.1
Technically neither is our beloved GNEX on Vz either...but with this cdma nonsense...sigh...I digress
+Keith Johnson +Will Keaney - only the Xoom Wifi is a Google Experience device (I got ICS on mine back in January straight from Google). The 3G/4G Xoom's are at the mercy of Verizon.
+Ian Lake +Will Keaney - your right...hopefully after G/IO they straighten this Nexus/Google Experience thing out on Verizon...but guess what...I'm still going to by Nexus devices!
I don't think Google will ever let Vzw be a Nexus carrier again. Such a blot on their program.

I'm looking forward to the update, but I do wish it addressed the radio issues.
+Stephen Long you know nothing about the "radio issues". You have a 3G PHONE! HAHAHAHA
Wifi only and GSM devices are Google experience devices and even then international devices can sometimes have different codenames because of the network they're on like vodaphone
Why is it that every Android phone release is followed by a major update that people are dying to get because there's a major glitch of some sort? It seems like every phone that comes out is a P.O.S.
+Brandon Zeone II if you think that then your reading wrong. I was secretly hoping the GSM version would get 4.1 before this update went live
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