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It's the best $60 I can't spend on a wireless charger.
It's a fairly safe bet that any of the proposed Google stores that locate near major border shopping towns will be deluged with Canadian consumers, stopping in to grab devices and services such as this.
Mine comes tomorrow! $70 after tax and shipping...

The only reason I got it is that it will function as a stand on my desk and I'm also to and from my desk a lot when I have to run out into the data centers so it'll make charging easier.
You forgot to mention if the orb enables docking mode. Does it do that?
maybe I would buy it if it would be available in Germany... 
For the price, it really should have an NFC tag embedded.  I'm keen on wireless charging and it's built-in to my Droid DNA but with a thin case I'm not sure it'll work.  
+Ivan Ruiz We'll see. I knew when I purchased it that it was kind of a waste of money. But I spend money on new technology all the time just to check it out so I figured at least this technology is making my life a little simpler. (because, you know, plugging and unplugging my phone over and over is soooooo hard!) :)
+Tom Gray I guess so. I don't know if Android 4 did away with traditional dock mode. (desk/car)
+Terry Cameron I saw a video somewhere of the dock in action and it wasn't invoking any kind of dock mode.
yeah you can enable daydream when charging, I used the battery widget reborn for my daydream so I can see the progress of the charge
+Zach Rutledge I can say the charger works with a tpu case on the n4. I can't say for certain with your DNA, but a thin case on the n4 is no problem. It also works with the oem bumper, but again that's n4 specific.
I have one. No dock mode.
I picked up one from the Google Play store and I've had one problem with it - my Nexus 4 slides off the orb. I've tried various angles and positions, and every time the phone slides off. The only way I've been able to keep the phone on is to prop up the bottom of the angled front. Otherwise, the orb works fine.
+Anthony Iovine This might be a stupid question but is there a plastic film that needs to be removed from the "sticky" surface? Every single review I've read says the sticky face of the orb clings to the nexus 4 almost too well.

Other than that, I would think you might have a defective one.
Yes, I removed the plastic film, but it keeps sliding. I think you're right, +Ben Williams that I may have a defective one.
My wife wasn't too happy about me spending that much on "another" charger until it arrived. Now I have to buy her one too. 
Just got a Nexus 4. Will have to put this on my wish list
i have been using my nexus wireless charger for a few days, and it does not slip. It does get warm though. Has anyone experienced the nice warm feeling from the charger and the phone? 
Mine gets warm sometimes. I wonder if it is not centered well or if it is just the battery getting warm. Last night it slid a little and didn't charge, though usually it works fine. And it doesn't work well with the non-Google bumper case I bought-- it charges, but it slides off. Generally it has worked well, and I am happy with it-- and now I don't want to go back to plugging in a cord (so 20th century). I may just prop it up level with stick-on rubber feet and solve all my problems.

To answer an earlier question: it goes into daydream mode just like when charging with the cord.
I have an iBlason TPU case, and the N4 stays affixed to the charger without any issues.  It charges quickly, and works flawlessly.
Mine slips too. 5 minutes and the phone has slid all the way till it hits the desk and stops charging.  I'm reading on a number of forums that this is a widespread problem, though an inconsistent one.  I'm wondering if there are certain batches with a different rubber on the surface or something?  Talked to the Play Store and they are taking it back.
Got mine yesterday. It confirms my thought that it's pretty much double what it should cost but the technology is awesome! Luckly, mine doesn't slip at all. I used it over night and the n4 was fully charged and in the same spot I put it in before I went to bed. The angle of the orb is awesome for using the phone as an alarm clock as I can just reach over and swype the alarm off unlike before were I had to pick the phone up. (Not that big of a deal but it's the little things right?)

At work it makes running to and fro from my desk a breeze since I always put my phone on the desk anyway. Now it's propped up and charges at the same time.

In the end, it's probably not worth the money. But since just about everyone reading this is a nerd or geek at some level, (come on, admit it) then yes, you need this orb! All qi charges are overpriced but the Nexus orb feels futuristic and actually works. (Unlike a lot of the complaints I heard about the Palm Pre TouchStone)

Summary: My Nerdhood feels more complete with this orb!
I added a screen protector to the back of my Nexus 4 and now it sticks to the charger just fine.  Seems pretty silly that I had to do that, but it was an easy fix.  I really love the charger now.  I have it next to my bed and I can just grab the phone to return a message, then set it back down on the charger without messing with the cable in the dark.  Very nice.  Not going to be able to go back to a phone without this feature. :)
My Nexus 4 slid off once and that's because I've been putting the orb in my laptop bag using it both at work and at home. the "sticky" on the orb got dust and lint and whatever on it. Taking a damp cloth to it fixed it. Super sticky again!
Stopped working after one night, utterly useless. gg LG and Google
Mine has been a rockstar. Love the thing.
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