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I'm still amazed how fast the Epic 4G Touch boots compared to the EVO 4G (about 5-10x faster, which blows my mind). I should take a video...
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The GPS lock times blew my mind, too. I'm absolutely loving mine.
the beauty and the beast is the perfect name for this phone.
I have been trying to hold out for the prime but I think my will just dried up, I need a GS2!
dont hold just go get it u will thanking me later
I have the epic 4g. Is it worth it to upgrade to the epic 4g touch?
i would say ten times faster and better in every way
Wow. I really love my epic 4g. If its that's much better. I may have to try it out. 
I bought a CR-48 off craigslist on Sunday and after using a 5+ year old Dell Latitude, I am amazed at how fast this thing boots up.
+Toby Smith I would say Epic 4G Touch for now. I'm waiting to see what Nexus Prime has to offer first, though. It'll probably be better if the rumors are true.
I'm looking for a cr-48. +Randall Noriega. 
+Randall Noriega I actually traded an iPhone 3GS for one. I was going to buy one. Most on Craigslist were going for $200-$300.
in my opinion even samsung galaxy one and htc evo was a iphone killer . This is a dualcore exynos beast.
+Randall Noriega I also saw a bunch of people willing to trade a CR-48 for a touchpad. Haha ;) I have one, but I'm not parting with it!
I call mine E.T. fitting really, as I can most certainly call home!
+Justin H. The original Epic 4G is a fat, old, ugly, and slow cow compared to the Epic 4G Touch. They cannot be compared, completely different levels. The Touch trumps it in every way imaginable (obviously, not comparing the physical keyboard which isn't present).
And there we have it. I guess when I get the money. Epic 4G Touch it is. Cuz I love my epic 4g. So I'm going to really love the touch
I don't use the keyboard on the phone anyway. 
And how SLOW the EVO 3D boots. Fuck, I swear I can start it booting, go make a sandwich, come back, and it will still be going.
+William Rodriguez Amen to that, just tried the EVO 3D and it's almost as slow as the EVO 4G. Epic 4G Touch still 2-3x faster.
I have the EVO (and love it). My mom got the Epic 4G Touch (jealous). It freaking blows the EVO out of the water with its speed, screen, camera, weight/feel, and everything else. Even with CM7 overclocked on my EVO, there's no comparison.
+Art Russ I don't know man, my friend has a stock evo 4g and his boots in like a minute, my evo 3d has seen boot times in excess of 7 minutes. It's pretty pathetic.
My epic boots in maybe a min. 2 mins tops. 
Nexus one took its sweet time too (minutes). SGS2 boots in like 30 seconds. And it has to since it crashes a lot compared to my N1 with CM7...
Got the video recorded. Will upload and post it in the morning. E4GT vs EVO 3D vs EVO 4G vs Thunderbolt, all cold started after battery pull.
Were you running a dodexed ROM on the Evo 3D? If so that could explain such a large difference.
Leave my Evo out me this Mister. :-D. Plus, how often are you rebooting anyway?
This might sound geeky but please take a video. That sounds awesome!
Good video +Art Russ , the time between the Evo 3D and the Epic Touch is also impressive.
I just wish the Touch 4G had a higher res screen (like the photon or similar @ 540x960). I'll probably buy one though - as soon as Sprint knocks the price down a bit.
Agreed, I don't miss the EVO 3D's qHD screen at all. Actually prefer 800x480 - it doesn't look pixelated at all.
Also with certain qHD screens being pentile doesn't that dull the resolution down? So although they have a higher resolution, the Epic Touch still looks clearer.
True, the Photon's larger area was pretty nice, but their pentile screen was really bad (ended up returning that phone). Having that extra space will be missed (e.g. more home screen icons/widgets, more text for web pages, reader, more viewing area on Maps, etc). I don't think the average user would know the difference between 480x800 and 540x960, but seeing the next gen phones with 720x1280 will make 480x800 seem really old - and small.
I agree, the E4GT boots up fast! But I'm not impressed with the wake up time. Seems like the screen takes a second to come on after pressing the power button. Also, not liking the lag after ending a call. Takes a couple of seconds to clear the end call screen. Anyone else notice these quirks?
+Mig Fig Noticed the same - 1s or so sometimes. Kind of annoying - the EVO 3D is instant.

Didn't notice the end call lag at all.

I also can't hit the keyboard keys and constantly end up hitting the row below instead. That's the most frustrating issue for me.
+Art Russ I read somewhere that wake up lag could be attributed to the microSD card's Class (the lower the slower it takes to wake up)
I have a class 6 32GB in mine... not that slow, but I did read the same thing. I'll do a pull and see if it fixes it.
Correct sir. When pressing the power button seems to take about a second for the screen to pop up
Oh, wow. This is not good. So much for pinning the blame on the microSD card.
How's the battery on that sucka (Epic 4G Touch)? Anyone own one who can tell me how long it lasts and under what amount of usage (if you can quantify it at all)?
+Hans Eisenman The battery lasts a day and a half for me with moderate usage. Coming from an Evo 4G, I couldn't believe how long the E4GT's battery lasts.
The Samsung Galaxy line was plagued with GPS issues (minutes to lock on; location incorrect by hundreds of feet -- made navigation unusable). Can anyone confirm that the SGSII (ET4G specifically) has fully-functioning GPS?
+Tommy Thompson +Art Russ Update: I removed the microSD card from the E4GT and the lag is gone. The phone wakes up instantly after pressing the power button. It might be related to the microSD after all.
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