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The 7.7 are for $500+ ... I thought they would make those in the 300 - 400 range. Well guess I'll just wait for the NexusTab then... :(
Actually the pricing in the article don't make sense, the 7.7 is more expansive then the 10...
windows, slates, tablets, pads - I think the computer world is trying to put up a building! Need some architraves and doors! LOL
+Sébastien Morin the 7.7 inch has a better screen, but you are right in that it will be very confusing to most shoppers. These are way too expensive.
Nope only the small one has the AMOLED the others are backlit LEDs. But what is the average shopper going to think when he/she sees a 7 inch that is $50 more expensive than a 10 inch?
If you are in Canada, stay away from Toshiba's tablets. I'm still waiting for them to get Google+ to work on their Toshiba Thrive tablets.

Customer service for tablets from Toshiba Canada is sorely lacking.

I'm holding out for a Google tablet or one of the newer Samsung tablets. I won't be making the same mistake twice.
Don't know what to think. I used to be a huge fan of Toshibas laptops, but their track witn Android tablets is not good.

Anyway, a 7.7 tablet with AMOLED screen and Tegra 3 looks good, really good.
Unfortunately it's a Toshiba.
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